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Anne writes:

At the till in Dundrum, Co. Down.

Have you been surprised by an unseasonal Yuletide display? Write in confidence (supplying pictorial evidence) to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie, marking your submission ‘Ah here, It’s barely October’.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 23.37.32

A pleasing animated tribute to all things thunk and ding [inspired by classic pinball games Twilight Zone (1993), Medieval Madness (1997), Tales of the Arabian Nights (1996), The Addams Family (1992) and Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (1993)] by the nice people at Device animation studio in Barcelona.


maxbraun1 maxbraun2 maxbraun5

Google engineer Max Braun’s modded bathroom mirror – a personal prototype of an as-yet commercially unavailable futuristic domestic interface. Sez he:

The display is only a couple of millimeters thin and embedded in a layer between the two-way mirror glass and the door of the medicine cabinet. That way it looks very clean and I can keep using all the shelf space inside.

My Bathroom Mirror Is Smarter Than Yours (Max Braun, Medium)