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Join Astronaut Commander Shepard Headstrong on his adventures across the galaxy in the year 372,054 at the helm of a ship fashioned from his own DNA.

An unhinged original short by Canadian writer/director team, Chris Prynoski and Michael Moloney.

 Just go with it.



Apparently there’s not one but four species of giraffe.



Recent analysis of giraffe DNA shows the distinction between these four different species (which don’t mate with one another) to be as pronounced as the difference between brown bears and polar bears.

Who knew?

No one, that’s who.


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At it’s most fundamental, it’s not a migrant crisis, its’ not a refugee crisis – this is first and foremost a human crisis.

The terms ‘migrant’ and ‘refugee’ become weighted with connotations and they have too often have become terms that we use to almost distance ourselves from the humanity of the situation and that is desperation of men, women and children taking a risk-laden journey to try to escape the horrors of terror for survival.

I mean, at it’s very most fundamental, it’s about survival. And in our own DNA we understand that because we have a history, be it in the mid-19th century, but we are actually the survivors of that and it’s in our DNA and it’s part of the reason why I think we understand it more than most.

Social Democrat TD Catherine Murphy speaking this afternoon.

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Drew Berry lets us witness unseeable processes within our own cells.

Paul Edmunds writes:

Give it ’til 3 mins in to get going.