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Iain Miller writes:

Have a wee look at this short film, shot in Donegal last week . It was shot in a sea cave underneath Owey Island in western Donegal.

The sun enters the cave at the correct angle to create a Blue Lagoon effect and the result is a surreal infinity pool which feels light you are swimming and suspended in light.

The Cave Of Light (Iain Miller, Unique Ascent)


Derryveagh Mountains, County Donegal

Climber Iain Miller writes:

Shot the day after [Storm] Emma left Donegal, this is an 80m high ice cascade with a near vertical section at about 40m.

Ice climbing in Donegal is such a rare sport with 2010 being the last winter that weather stayed cold enough to allow ice to form and build thickness to allow climbing.

In the distant shot (pic 2) I am arrowed to get a sense of scale of the ice cascade…

All the places ice in the county has been climbed in the past is in the free winter guide to Donegal…

Unique Ascent

Barry Whyte tweetz:

An example of the sheer destruction and damage the heavy rain caused overnight. This is the main Quigley’s Point to Muff Road in Donegal.

Meanwhile, at Derry Airport…

Barry Whyte tweetz:

City of Derry Airport was also hit by flooding overnight, as a result all flights have been cancelled #Derry #NorthWestFloods

Meanwhile in Drumahoe, Derry…

Barry Whyte tweetz:

Institutes F.Cs Riverside Stadium was also hit by the unprecedented heavy rain last night #Derry #NorthWestFloods

Roads damaged, flooding across parts of northwest after heavy rain (RTE)

Thanks Ronan McCann



Ballyliffin beach Co. Donegal yesterday morning

(Thanks Luke Brennan)


The (new) Central Bank, Dublin yesterday.

Ferg tweetz:

Found the pot of gold..


Graveyard DirtDonegal doom

What you may need to know…

01. Donegal trio Graveyard Dirt are venerable veterans of weighty riffage, as first seen on 1995 demo tape Of Romance and Fire.

02. Reuniting in 2007 after disbanding years previously, the band got straight to work on debut E.P. Shadows of Old Ghosts.

03. Streaming above is the band’s most recent effort, 2015 extended-player My Scourge, My Plague. Available for download solo, or in a discounted bundle with the band’s other digital re-releases.

04. Headlining Galway’s Walpurgis Night VI on Bank Holiday Sunday April 30th, at the Loft Venue, alongside a roll-call of immensely hefty bands, among them TOME, Owlcrusher, Soothsayer, and Genuflection (the artists formerly known as RITES).

Thoughts: Time-honoured and battle-tested doom-metal, seemingly unwearied by the passing of time.

Graveyard Dirt in the Irish Metal Archive


Beithíochreleasing a new full-length

What you may need to know…

01. A one-man project from the north-west, Beithíoch (“the beast”) plies an atmospheric take on black metal with doomy undertones, and pauses for breath of eerie ambience.

02. Emerging in 2008 with debut full length Aisling Dhorcha, Beithíoch’s explorations have moved further and further into heavier territory, while retaining a pensive air.

03. Streaming above is most recent album Ghosts of a World Long Forgotten, released last week digitally and on CD via Irish metal label HI ARC TOW.

04. In lieu of live activity anytime soon, Beithíoch’s discography to date is available in a digital bundle at the project’s Bandcamp, with certain albums available for free at the label’s website.

VERDICT: A focused, fleshed-out work that balances aggression, heft and atmosphere.


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.36.36


A time-lapse video of the Aurora Borealis and Milkyway caught in Donegal on August 24 and August 29 respectively.

Music by Dexter Britain.

By Noel Keating


TaptDonegal-developed and published rhythm game

What you may need to know…

01. Because not all musical endeavour involves bands and artists, presented for your consideration: Tapt, an Irish-developed rhythm game for iOS.

02. Developed and self-published by Donegal man Stephen Coyle, the game focuses on rhythm rather than melody, unlike a lot of similar endeavours, and encourages attention to detail in listening to said tunes.

03. Streaming above is a playthrough of the first stage by French mobile-game YouTuber First Stage, demonstrating its capabilities.

04. Get it at the App Store, and check the various expansion packs. Every purchase helps fund Coyle’s development of an educational edition of the app.

VERDICT: An interesting concept that should rightly help a lot of people with the basics of rhythm, and provide a satisfying puzzle-game experience on the way.


All Irish music tech/app-related projects welcome to submit to the column, please, to the usual email address. No charge.


Tuathconfirmed for Hard Working Class Heroes

What you may need to know…

01. Psychedelia/shoegazing, genre-upsetting noises as Gaeilge from Donegal, you say? These might be your lads.

02. Tuath are a collective of musicians that revolves around singer Robert Mulhern and saxophonist Ashley Mobasser, formed in July 2014, and slowly garnering adoring looks across the media room from the likes of Louderthanwar and An Taobh Tuathail.

03. Streaming in its entirety above is the band’s debut EP, Existence is Futile, released this past June, via Bandcamp.

04. The band has just been confirmed for Hard Working Class Heroes festival in Dublin, running from October 6th-8th. For more on the line-up and venues, click here.

Verdict: An odyssey of sound and texture that feels at once fresh and challenging, while peppered with just enough points of reference throughout to reward a broad palette.


Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 13.24.59


The rot goes deep.

Helen Murray, writes:

This is a 1.35-minute clip of the 1985 Today Tonight documentary Law and Order in Donegal [broadcast on November 13, 1985].

Donegal County Council sued RTÉ for defamation as a result of airing the documentary dealing with the inappropriate relationship between Donegal [County] Council and the Garda, plus some.

The resulting suit saw RTÉ removing it, on the steps of the High Court.

The importance of this documentary, in relation to the ‪Mary Boyle‬ case and Gemma O’Doherty’s documentary Mary Boyle – The Untold Story, is that it establishes the cultural and systematic relationship of political interference in Donegal, a major component argued in The Untold documentary; wholesale denied by current politicians today.


Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 15.20.01

Via Gemma O’Doherty

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