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On RTE Two at 9.30pm.

Don’t Tell The Bride.

Via RTE:

Harry Potter fan Brendán goes the full Hogwarts for his wedding but when husband-to-be, and super stylish, Victor sees what he’s going to be wearing, there may be no wedding at all.



On Don’t Tell The Bride

Sarah Neville writes

a Barbershop Quartet announce the date of the wedding to unsuspecting bride Jane and her dad’s reaction is absolutely gorgeous.

Don’t Tell the Bride tonight at 10pm on RTÉ2.

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Ah here.

On Don’t Tell The Bride

Sarah Neville writes:

Its a case of ‘Your chariot awaits… literally!’ Bride Liza goes from a 30 year-old Ford Cortina, to a home-made chariot only to find out her wedding is on a boat…

Don’t Tell The Bride  at 10pm on RTÉ2


And the bride wore…aquamarine.

Sarah Neville writes:

On tonight’s Don’t Tell The Bride, our groom tries to incorporate the theme of ‘Plenty of Fish’ by putting his non-swimming bride in a boat across a lake and dying her dress blue! (above)…

*puts on blindfold*

Don’t Tell The Bride at 10pm on RTÉ2

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Don’t Tell The Bride.

Tonight on RTÉ Two at 10pm.

Sarah Neville writes:

In this episode, bride Celina from Dublin has put her wedding in the hands of groom Ben. He decides there’s only place where the couple fight and that’s IKEA… what a perfect place to have their wedding and turn it into their special place. But what will Celina think?