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One of at least two new books from the late Theodor ‘ Dr Seuss ‘ Geisel – currently in production after previously unknown manuscripts and drawings were found among Geisel’s papers by his wife Audrey and secretary Claudia Prescott.


A distinctly Seussian selection from the adorably disturbing fantasy ‘taxidermy’ of sculptor Carl ‘Biscuitboy’ Turner who proudly presents:

A series of reconstructions based upon records and illustrations brought back by Erasmus P Jiggins, junior zoological officer on the 1863 voyage headed by Sir Bartholomew Scoffer to the remote island in the Pacific known by its indigenous population as Zuzu Batu.

You can peruse the Scoffer’s Island backstory here.


‘Now That You’re Big’ by Simon Greiner: an alarmingly convincing vision of the sex education book Dr. Seuss never wrote.

Ruin your childhood and read the whole filthy thing online here.