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For your significant Whovian other. Available in Sterling Silver, white and tellow gold and platinum with your choice of gems on the spinning TARDIS from €930 (+6 week shipping)



With season 8 of Dr. Who nearly upon us, Bookshelf Productions have gone back and recreated  last year’s Christmas special in this delightful stop-motion video.

Doctor Who’s “The Day Of The Doctor” in LEGO Stop-motion

H/T Nikkeboentje

A gif of all eleven Dr Whos running, created by Spanish illustrator Javi De Castro, based on a quote by the eleventh doctor’s companion Clara Oswin Oswald.


An animated mashup trailer of Dr Who and Back To The Future by James Farr, who writes:

“Somewhere in the jaw-dropping vastness of the multi-verse, I like to think that this cartoon plays at 7am every Saturday morning.”

Fair enough.