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The Bram Stoker Festival begins in Dublin on October 26.

In preparation.

Daniel Gray writes:

“We roped Matthew Griffin into putting together this exhaustive illustration on the influence of Stoker’s Dracula on film and literature over the last 100 years. We’ve already had people asking to buy prints of it. If you luv it, gizza share, eh?”

Dracula’s Bloodline (Visit Dublin)

Thanks Ciaran Le Cool


Following Johnny Logan singing both the Irish and German anthem before the Ireland V Germany match in Cologne last Friday, Colm Cronin writes:

“I can’t have been the only one thinking this the other night, can I?”

draculahairahhairASTI delegate Bernard Lynch setting the agenda in a spectacularly coiffed Gary Oldman-esque diatribe against barber-ic barbaric public service cuts.

Scroll to 6.17 for the live action version.