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The fishing village of Houtouwan on the Chinese island of Shengshan – abandoned due to depleted fishing supply in the 1990s but still minimally inhabited and popular as a ‘ghost town’ tourist destination. Explored here on foot and by drone by photographers Joe Nafis and Dave Tacon.


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A short by Paul Trillo shot entirely (in one unbroken 10 minute take) by drone. The result is a uniquely menacing vision of one man’s public breakdown in full sight of his neighbours. To wit:

The entire shot was pre-visualized in CInema4D using 3D actors and computer generated voices. The camera operator and drone pilot then had to memorize everything beat for beat according to the script.

Here’s how it was made.



WRY MYRRHappearing from the ether shortly

What you may need to know…

01. Comprised of composer/GASH Collective organiser Ellen King, and composer/Crevice member Irene Buckley, WRY MYRRH offers a sparse take on improv electronics, with sinister, brooding drone and noise inflections.

02. Debuting in January of this year at Cork’s Community Print Shop, the duo have since shared a stage with Sophie Cooper and the Tor Invocation Band.

03. Streaming above is TWO, one of two pieces currently uploaded to the project’s Soundcloud. Stay with it to the end.

04. Making an infrequent appearance at MMOTHS’ upcoming Cork date at the Triskel on the 30th, alongside Underling.

VERDICT: As exploratory as it is unsettling, WRY MYRRH’s minimalist improv is likely another experience again when immersed in it in a live situation.


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At Narrow Waters Castle in Co.Down this morning with Courtney Robinson, from Belfast (above)

Women on Waves write:

This morning the abortion drone flew from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland at Narrow Waters Castle [in Co. Down].

After the drone landed safely, two women took the pills. At the same time, Women on Waves employed a [remote control] speedboat to send over more pills for the women. Making abortion illegal will not keep women from accessing abortion pills, by ship, by mail, through the internet, drone or [remote control] speedboat!

This afternoon, at 2.30pm, there will be another protest in front of the Court of Appeal in Belfast when the appeal regarding the decision by the High Court that Northern Ireland’s abortion law breaches the European Convention on Human Rights will be heard.

Tomorrow we will protest for Repeal of the 8th Amendment at 12.30pm outside Dáil Éireann with Ruth Coppinger TD and Dr Rebecca Gomperts.

Women on waves

Drone delivers abortion pills to Northern Irish women (The Guardian)

Pics: Labour Alternative and Courtney Robinson