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Good Helen writes:

“I’m wondering if you can see if anyone was on the corner on Leeson st and Stephen’s Green [Dublin] this morning around 8.27. I am fuming. A no. 32X went through a red light – right through the pedestrian crossing when a number of people were crossing the road. Before you say, I have reported this to Dublin Bus. But I am considering going to the guards about this. It is a very busy junction and he could see what he had done and there were alot of school kids about. I’m sure they likely have cameras at the junction, and I will go to Pearse st with it, however , I’m unsure they would even do anything., I know this happens all the time over the city, but this morning, well it was so dangerous, people were on the road and had to back off it cos he broke the lights. Any advice welcome.”


(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


Is your name James?

Are you one year old TODAY?

Sean writes:

Did your grandfather get the [Dublin Bus]  44 this morning towards O’Connell Street and leave your present in his seat?
You have a terrible grandfather.
And I have your present.
Welcome to the world, James….
Please get in touch with broadsheet to swap email addresses. My office is on the 44 route by Merrion Square…



A superhero for our time.

Brave, decent and never on time.

Banned by The Joker-like Dublin Bus in 2012 for copyright infringement.

Niall De Buitlear of tee makers T-Shock write in GOOD humour:

You may recall the kerfuffle over some t-shirts I made.  Well Dublin Bus have created a new character called “Network Noel” which seems familiar…



Let Noel Give You The Edge (DublinBus)


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