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Thomas Street, Dublin, designated ‘ACA’, an Architectural Conservation Area by Dublin City Council council

Dublin City Council has extended permission for a modern office block on the site of two Georgian houses on Thomas Street, against the advice of its own senior planner and the Dublin Civic Trust.
…The Civic Trust said the decision to allow the development was frustrating as it “rendered meaningless” the conservation status given to the street.
There seems to be an attitude here that any development is better than none, even in a historic streetscape such as Thomas Street,” said Graham Hickey, conservation officer with the trust.”

Council Permits Demolition Of Dublin Georgian Houses Against Advice (Olivia kelly, Irish Times)


Apartments for ants?

A council spokesman said: “In the heart of Dublin’s north inner city, in an area extending from the North Circular Road to the River Liffey and from Amiens Street to Dorset Street, over 46pc of all homes have just one bedroom or less. Half of these homes were built over the past 20 years.”


….Fintan McNamara, a spokesman for the Residential Landlords Association of Ireland, disagrees about over supply of accommodation for single people households. He is convinced that micro flats are needed to address the shortage of affordable rental accommodation because so many bedsits have been taken out of the market since the authorities banned the division of old houses into flats which shared bathrooms and other facilities…

Independent.ie Is Micro Really Dublin’s Next Big Thing? (Independent.ie)

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[Fianna Fail  leader on Dublin City Council, Mary Fitzpatrick outside City Hall, Dame Street, Dublin this afternoon. Her party will vote against the City Manager's proposed budget tomorrow]

Donal Moloney writes:

The budget proposed by Dublin’s City Council’s manager is set to cut €6,000,000 funding to homeless services. If you live in or around Dublin City then we need your help! It will only take two minutes of your time and it will make a massive difference. The council is set to vote on this tomorrow night. If you live in Dublin please email your local City Councillor and ask them to protect and not to cut funding to homeless services. You can find your local City Councillor’s email address here. Or alternatively email the heads of the political groups: Councillor Mary Fitzpatrick – mary.fitzpatrick@dublincity.ie (Fianna Fail) Councillor Mary O’Shea – mary.oshea@dublincity.ie (Fine Gael) Councillor Vincent Jackson – vincent.jackson@dublincity.ie (Independent) Councillor Dermot Lacey – dermot.lacey@labour.ie (Labour) Councillor Larry O’Toole – larry.otoole@dublincity.ie (Sinn Fein) To save you time we have a draft email below that you could copy and use:

Dear Councillor, I am writing to you to express my dismay at the proposal to cut funding to homeless services. At a time when the numbers of people having to sleep on the streets of Dublin is increasing it is incredible that the City Manager could propose any cut. As a Dublin City Councillor you play a vital role in helping to ensure the most vulnerable citizens are protected. I hope that you with your party or group will vote down any proposed cut by Dublin City Council to homeless services. Kind regards…

Thank you so much for your support. Every single email will have a big impact so please do share this with your friends and family.

Dublin homeless and disabled services to be hit by cut (Irish Times)

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)