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Dublin’s Victorian fruit and vegetable market between Capel Street and the Four Courts

You may recall how, in February of last year, Olivia Kelly, in the Irish Times, reported that plans for the redevelopment of Dublin’s Victorian fruit and vegetable market – located between Capel Street and the Four Courts – into a wholesale and retail market were to be lodged by Dublin City Council within weeks.

It was hoped stalls would be made available to traders from September 2015.

But, Ms Kelly writes, these plans were delayed after last year’s local elections when new councillors insisted sports and leisure facilities be incorporated into the plans.

Further to this, Ms Kelly reports this morning that the redevelopment plans have now been approved by Dublin City Council.

She writes:

“Under the revised plan, a “multi-use games area” will be incorporated into the neighbouring former fishmarket site, at a cost of €150,000. The fishmarket was demolished 10 years ago, and the remaining space on that site will be used for parking.”

“Once completed, the retail half of the market will have 40 permanent stalls known as “cages”, commonly seen at continental markets, which have a display and service counter but allow the individual retailers to shut their shop when other parts of the hall are still operating.”

“There will be a similar number of “umbrella” stalls, which allow for more short-term or flexible uses and these would be located within the hall and in an outdoor, semi-covered courtyard at the Chancery Street entrance to the market. This entrance will be substantially remodelled with two glass canopies and a glass wall and will provide a new entrance to the market.”

Plans for historic Dublin market approved by city councillors (Irish Times)

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Guillote writes:

It’s landed…in Ballymun

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.04.22

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.08.43

Graphics showing the visibility map/path of an upcoming eclipse

Nothing we can say

There will be a total solar eclipse in Dublin on March 20 at 9.30am.

Retina-scorching yikes.

Total solar eclipses explained here

Eclipse Calculator – Eclipses in Dublin, Ireland (timeanddate.com)

H/T Greg Skerries


The people of Dublin?

Decent skins in fairness.

People of Dublin shot and directed by Tara Morgan in association with Photos of Dublin is a short about Dublin and its people.

Tara writes:

We went out and chatted with the lovely people of Dublin over two days in mid February 2015, this is what we got

That old guy with the beard.. Mmf!

Tara Morgan Photography

Icecream writes:

Passed by this this morning. I know littering is terrible, but given it’s Behan the empty box of Heineken is actually pretty appropriate. Also, why are there absolutely NO bins along that stretch of canal?


And, on a related note, Sarah Barry writes:

Walking up Harcourt Street Saturday afternoon thinking how nice Dublin looks and then see this next door to the Dean/Everleigh … Vile – be no harm putting extra bins there to avoid this…


Derek Haughton adds:

Here’s the bins on the grand canal of a couple of days ago.