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RTÉ reports:

New official figures published today show that the number of rough sleepers in the Dublin region is 35% up on the same period last year.

There were 138 people sleeping rough in the Dublin region during this year’s spring count – the highest ever recorded for this time of year.

It is also only slightly down on the last winter count, despite 210 new hostel beds being provided since then.

The figures also do not include a group of 23 Romanians found sleeping rough in Dublin city centre on the night of the count, 4 April…The figures also do not include 57 sleeping on the floor of the all-night Merchants Quay cafe.

Spring record of 138 rough sleepers in Dublin region (RTE)



Nocturnesfolk-tinged electronica with Sligo roots

What you may need to know…

01. Composer Pearse McGloughlin (pictured), late of indie bands Socialite, Thy Swan Army and Walkperson, now makes less ruckus with electronic project Nocturnes.

02. Under his own moniker, McGloughlin has released a triptych of long-players, most notably 2013’s Idiot Songs, a concept album that tackles and reinterpret Dostoevsky’s The Idiot.

03. Streaming above is the project’s debut long-player The Soft Animal, released last July via Bluestack Records.

04. Catch McGloughlin and collaborators this Sunday at Dublin’s Bello Bar, launching new single Dear Infant. Support from Ella Naseeb.

Thoughts: Simple pop songs, sans the saccharine, and set through a grimy, greyscale filter with fitting ambience.



I Draw SlowDublin Americana/roots

What you may need to know…

01. When not on the Irish touring grind for the past decade, Dubland five-piece I Draw Slow have been busy whittling away at modern Nashville, appearing regularly at folk & country fests across the States.

02. After thirteen Stateside tours, the band may have made their breakthrough, signing to Americana label Compass Records, joining Altan and Ron Sexsmith on the roster.

03. Streaming above is their new video, for single My Portion, filmed on Achill Island.

04. New album Turn Your Face to the Sun releases on May 12th, having been funded entirely through pre-orders. They launch the record at Whelan’s in Dublin on the 14th, and play Cork’s Cyprus Avenue on the 20th.

Thoughts: Harmony-laden contemporary roots music that never slips into well-trod genre schlock.

I Draw Slow


On Jervis Street, Dublin 1, last night

Last night.

From Jervis Street, Dublin 1.

At around 10pm.

Anthony Flynn, of Inner City Homelessness, released the following statement:

We have over 40 people bedded down at present here and it is still very early. This situation has been at peak level for a number of nights but this is the worst I have ever seen it. Homelessness, homeless services are in turmoil.”

“Our coordinator has diverted outreach support teams from other locations to deal with the influx in this particular area and our resources are being severely drained. At present, a 27% increase in presentations across the city is what we are dealing with. Our committed and dedicated volunteers are trying to make everyone as comfortable as possible. We need accommodation and urgently.”

This has been ongoing for five nights now with no Government or State-funded body intervention. A meeting will be held at 9am in order to try and alleviate the problem to some extent, but unfortunately enough is just not being done. We are doing our best in a voluntary capacity.”

I am calling on the Minister tonight to come and look at this and tell me to my face that Government are doing all they can. This is just unacceptable. The homeless tsunami has hit us and this is like something from I’ve never encountered before.”

Inner City Helping Homelessness (Facebook)


VIRCOLACDublin death metal

What you may need to know…

01. Recalling early death-metal, VIRCOLAC is the convergence of a number of Irish metal veterans.

02. Emerging in late 2013, the four-piece’s debut release, Codex Perfida, released in November of 2014 and promptly sold out of its limited CD and cassette releases.

03. Streaming above in its entirety is The Cursed Travails of the Demeter extended-player, released last Hallowe’en in a split release between Sepulchral Voice and Dark Descent Records. Also available for digital download and on CD, vinyl sold out.

04. Catch them at the Siege of Limerick all-dayer festival, this Sunday, alongside 20+ more Irish and international metal bands, across all three stages of Dolan’s in Limerick.

Thoughts: Peddling trenchant tales of the horrific and heinous, VIRCOLAC do so with genuine aplomb.


unnamed-3-e1491666137398 unnamed

Having fallen foul of Dublin City’s dual app parking charge snafu, Graeme Kelly writes:

The friendly clamper guy told us to appeal the €120 fine as we had made an effort to pay for the parking (we have receipt from Payzone) and it was a genuine mistake. Got this reply to the Appeal this morning. €20 cost for 2nd Appeal to ipas.ie

Context: The App Trap


Dublin Digital Radio keep pumping out the good stuff, the perfect antidote to boredom and the prescribed spontaneity of daytime radio.

This week is absolutely no different, with new shows announced by the week at this point. DDR’s Cormac writes:

It’s been busy here at DDR towers with new shows coming left, right and centre. Last weekend we were chuffed to host production, CDJ and turntable workshops along with our good pals at Gash Collective.

Some new shows we are now lucky to announce include “Vital Signs” hosted by Neil O’Connor of Somadrone & Cian Murphy of I Am the Cosmos. Irish music hero New Jackson started his monthly show last Tuesday, catch his new record coming out on All City Records April 30th too!

As for something a bit different, last week we had the start of The Recommendation Game, a weekly show where two film lovers take turns to recommend a film the other has not seen, they watch and then meet to discuss it. Spoilers are a given.

The Repeater crew had a great guest mix of all original material from upcoming label Patrúin, keep an eye out as it’s hot!

This weekend we have a new show from Dublin based D, who probably most know as DJ Deece, with Deece Is the Word, and then on Sunday, Greg & Russell from This Greedy Pig are back with their show “Move Slow.”

Get to know. Get listening.


Something about anniversaries that just makes for a great hook for a story, isn’t there? Hit Parade knew this when they reconvened last year for a tenth-anniversary show, but in filming a new video for founder Conor O’Malley’s tune Shake of Hands (The Heart), the band has created a little something more.

They write:

Last year (we) reunited for a 10 year anniversary where we performed a charity gig at Dublin’s Workman’s Club, recorded a new song, and filmed an accompanying short film.

Shot in black and white, the new video for “Shake of Hands (The Heart)” finds band members starring in their own urban tale. The setting is contemporary Dublin, and as the song’s plaintive lyrics and Rickenbackers ring out, an intense chess game unfolds, intercut with street shots and religious imagery.

The short film is directed by Hit Parade members Conor Purcell and Conor O’Malley, screenplayed by Conor Purcell, and filmed and edited by award winning videographer Daniel Dalton. Music and lyrics were written by Conor Purcell, performed by Hit Parade, and recorded and mixed by Daniel Doherty at Darklands Audio, Dublin.




What you may need to know…

01. The solo outlet of musician David Anthony McGeown, BODIES specialises in what he refers to as “mope-core”.

02. A new outfit, emerging first as McGeown’s recording pseudonym and subsequently as a live band, BODIES’ debut album Drench was completed last year and should be enroute later in 2017.

03. Streaming above is the project’s debut single Nightmoves, released in December of last year, accompanied by a remix from much-fancied producer Kobina.

04. Next live excursion is Friday night at the Mezz in Dublin, supporting Cork psych-rockers The Sunshine Factory. Also on the bill are Death in the Sickroom and The Thrash Blues.

THOUGHTS: A bleak take on the broad church of alternative sounds and reference points.