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At the European Federation of National Organisations Working With The Homeless in Dublin Castle this morning.

Peter McVerry Trust tweetz:

Clear spike in presentation of families to homeless services in Dublin.

But what about that dip?

Readers may recall how, following the death of Jonathan Corrie close to the Dáil on December 1, 2014, emergency accommodation was set up in the Civil Defence headquarters at the Esplanade, Wolfe Tone Quay, Dublin 7.

At the time, Cathal Morgan, of the Dublin Region Homeless Executive, told RTÉ:

“Tomorrow [Friday, December 12], our colleagues in the Civil Defence will be opening up 20 beds. That means 70 beds out of the 260 promised will be in place. By the 23rd of December, we will have those 260 beds in place.”

Readers may also recall how, in late January, Rosie Naughton, from Hope4Homeless, spoke to a homeless man called Richie in Dublin. Richie told Rosie that it was his understanding that the emergency beds, rolled out in the wake of Jonathan Corrie’s death, would be removed over the following two to three weeks.

Richie told Rosie he was told this by the Simon Community, Focus Ireland and Merchant’s Quay.


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Emergency Over


Voters who said they intended to vote for Independents/Others were then given a range of options to choose from.
The Independent Alliance and People Before Profit/Anti Austerity Alliance get 3 per cent each. Renua is on 2 per cent, the Social Democrats on 1 per cent and other groupings are on 1 per cent.Independents who are not in any group attract the support of 5 per while the Green Party is on 1 per cent.
Independents/Others are particularly strong in Dublin where they account for 32 per cent of voters, a considerably higher share of the vote than that obtained by any of the major parties.

Any excuse.

Coalition lacks enough support to retain power (Stephen Collins, Irish Times)

Graph via Irish Times


Have you got a wheelie case?

Abortion Rights Campaign writes:

“The 4th annual March for Choice will take place in Dublin on Saturday marking the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion.

This will be the last March for Choice before the next general election, so we must make it clear – securing our vote will mean making a commitment to Repeal the 8th amendment, so that we can take a step closer to securing free, safe and legal access to abortion in Ireland.”

The march will kick off at 2 pm in Dublin at the Garden of Remembrance (assembling from 1.30pm), and like last year, we are asking that you bring a wheelie case if possible to make the effort and sound of travel abundantly clear!

4th Annual March for Choice (Abortion Rights Campaign)

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This morning.

Castleknock, Dublin 15

This follows a recent leaflet drop from Tranquility Euthanasia Ltd in north Dublin.

The leaflets claimed that the company was seeking permission  to set up a  “tranquility booth” for three days in November. However, Dublin City Council told the Irish Times it had received no such application.


Bizarre leaflet claims to offer ‘mobile euthanasia’ (Irish Times, Monday, September 14, 2015)

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Simon O Shea writes:

Here’s a shot of the sunset earlier this evening over Dublin (yep, right before it decided to rain again)…It’s 5 shots bracketed and merged together in Lightroom to give some added HDR. Oh and shot with/from a ‘drone’ of course. Video here

Save Poolbeg.


The River Liffey at Dublin tonight.

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