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Media Coop has created a little film about some of Dublin’s most committed Christmas illuminators.

Colin Norris, of Media Coop, writes:

One of the neighbours, Mr Tilly, would be busy setting his lights up every year and we wanted to know why he did it? We ended up visiting homes in Sandymount, Crumlin and Palmerstown to meet the people who, every Christmas, light up their homes for their communities and the charities they support.

Meet Mr Tilly, Josie and Seanie as they invite us into their incredible homes and tell us about why they ‘Let it Glow’ each Christmas.

This morning/afternoon.

Teachers protest outside the English language school Grafton College in Portobello, Dublin 2, which has gone into liquidation – suddenly leaving staff without jobs and owed one month’s wages.

Teachers occupy premises of English language school (Emma O’Kelly, RTÉ)

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Top pic: Sauvignon Blanc



Intelligent life found in Dublin.

Film at 11.


José Jimenéz writes:

I thought I had seen everything. This selfish motorist decides to drive on the footway in order to avoid the traffic queue. Unbelievable!

Could not manage to get the reg, otherwise this would have gone straight to the gardaí.


The capital’s jams .


Otis Blue writes:

Here’s an interesting website that tells you how bad Dublin’s traffic congestion really is.

See Dublin In Motion (UrbanMobility)

Jason McSherry tweetz:

Recent sunrise pic flyout out of Dublin, Ireland on my way to move to Spain.

Meanwhile, yesterday…

Éadaoin tweetz:

Wonderful autumn colour still on display at Dublin’s Botanic Gardens.

This afternoon.

In Dublin.

The people behind We Make Good Happen have ‘hid’ a tenner for a member of the public to find on Bedford Row, Dublin 2 and Fleet Street, Dublin 2.

The idea is that the person who finds the money will use it for good.


Tenner4Good (Facebook)


They’ve placed another!

Outside the Unicef office on Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1.

And another!

On a bike on Great Strand Street, Dublin 1.

At the base of the Spire, Dublin 1.

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This morning.

Spotted on Pearse Street, Dublin 2.

Ciara tweetz:

New occupation on Pearse Street appears to have gone up last night #TakeBacktheCity #occupypearsestreet



This afternoon.

In Maynooth, Co Kildare.

Via Thomas Strong


This morning.

At the official opening of Krispy Kreme’s first ever Irish store in Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin.

Leon Farrell writes:

“Carlos Zurbito [above] queued from 6am and was one of the first people to enter Krispy Kreme’s at the official opening of Krispy Kreme’s first ever Irish store in Blanchardstown Centre. Hundreds of people queued to be the first customers in line at the new Dublin store which opened its doors at 7am to the public. The doughnut company, famed for its original glazed recipe, is now open in seven days per week with a 24/7 drive through…”


Leon Farrell/Rollingnews