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18, Highfield Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6

The flip.

It’s back.

Aidan Murphy writing in today’s Irish Times

Among these flips is 18 Highfield Road, Rathgar, which was bought in August 2012 for €835,000 – it was in need of a complete overhaul. With this renovation complete, the house sold again last month for an astounding €3,300,000 – 10 per cent above its €3 million asking price

*flips bird*

Backing the market: the art of flipping (Irish Times)


Diarmuid Connolly

After pleading guilty to serious assault charges, Dubs player Diarmuid Connolly saw his case struck out yesterday.

District Court judge Patrick Clyne made the ruling as he said Mr Connolly had “done all that had been asked of him through a serious of restorative justice measures”.

Independent Legal editor Dearbhail McDonald asks:

Will the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) challenge Judge Patrick Clyne’s generous strike out given the fact that judges have huge discretionary power, in particular where there are extenuating circumstances “of a special character”?


Lucky Bounce Of The Ball For All Star Attacker (Dearbhail McDonald, Independent.ie)


Do you own a spoon? Do you like chilli? Are you generous?

Chewy writes:

“I have no doubt that there is some amazing chilli cooks and chilli fans amongst the Broadsheet readership. Right now we’re looking for entrants for the 2nd almost annual Chilli Con Carnivale at The Bernard Shaw, Richmond Street,  on Oct over 25.

All money raised goes to Fighting Words

How do you cook yours anyone?

Chilli Con Carnivale 2014



Handsome scamp Dublin GAA star Bernard Brogan has been appointed President of the Federation of Irish Sport.

Brogan said at his appointment:

I am delighted to take up the challenge of being President of the Federation and look forward to working closely with the Federation and its members to further spread the message of the true value of sport to Ireland

Is he really suitable for this appointment?

Fair play though, in fairness.

Irish Sport