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“The number of adults accessing homeless services in Dublin is at its highest since current record-keeping began in 2010, the latest figures show. The numbers have surpassed 3,000 for the first time, with 3,095 adults in emergency accommodation in the period between April and June this year.”

“This compares with 2,987 adults in the first three months of the year…On the night of June 30th there were 1,975 adults in emergency accommodation accompanied by more than 1,100 children – a 40 per cent increase on the number of adults when compared with the same night in June 2014, when there were 1,414 adults and about 560 children.”

More than 3,000 adults accessing homeless services (Kitty Holland, Irish Times)

Graham Hughes/Rollingnews.ie


Ching Chait Kwong (top) and the proposed Dublin Docklands Strategic Development Zone (SDZ)

Ching Chiat Kwong.

He has suits bigger than some of his apartments.

The Government’s Housing Agency wants Dublin City Council to lower its apartment size rules and allow the construction of rental-only “studios” 27 per cent smaller than the current minimum size.

Housing Agency calls for smaller apartments in Dublin (Irish Times, October 4, 2014)

Planning permission has been sought [By Oxley and Ballymore] for the first phase of one of the largest developments planned for Dublin’s docklands under Dublin City Council’s new fast-track planning scheme.

…Oxley is headed up by former Singapore police officer Ching Chiat Kwong, who made his name in Singapore as the “Shoebox King” for developing compact apartments.

Major development planned on Dublin docklands site (Irish Times, today)

D writes:

Surely there’s some connection between these two stories…Perhaps your readers can shed some light?


Major development planned on Dublin docklands site (Irish Times)

Ching Chiat Kwong on Forbes Lists

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A free wifi tile sign in Dublin

Dublin’s public free wifi is gone.

Damien Murphy and Lois Kapila, in the Dublin Inquirer, write:

“[Christy Beal] and her family – over from New Jersey for a short break – had tried to log in at a few of the Dublin public free wifi spots around the city. “I’ve been looking for the signs,” she said. Scan for wifi connections and you can see the network and a healthy number of bars but, so far, she hadn’t managed to connect.”

“That’s because in May this year, Dublin City Council quietly made use of a break clause to terminate its contract with Gowex, the wifi firm that had been providing the service. So, there’s no public free wifi facilitated by Dublin City Council available right now, said Sinéad Murphy from the council’s press office.”

“It’s a shame nobody’s told confused holidaymakers. Or, for that matter, local councillors.”

Where did Dublin’s public free wifi go? (Dublin Inquirer)



Brian S writes:

I know you don’t normally do this…but this cat (above) has decided to make us his owners…a trip to the vet tells us that he is from London, which begs the question, how is he in Stepaside [Dublin]?

The vets are trying to get in touch with the vet in the UK and the owner, but the owner’s numbers are ringing out. If any one recognises him please get in touch.