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A homeless person sleeping on the boardwalk in Dublin city

Kitty Holland, in the Irish Times, reports:

“The number of people sleeping rough in Dublin has fallen by almost 40 per cent since the winter. The results of the annual “spring count” of rough sleepers published by the Dublin Region Homeless Executive shows 105 adults were found sleeping on the streets on the night of April 14th. This compares to 168 in the winter count conducted on November 21st. However, the number of homeless adults in emergency accommodation increased by more than 300, up from 1,526 in November to 1,872 this month. This figure does not include the almost 1,000 children in emergency hotel-type accommodation in Dublin.”

Numbers sleeping rough in Dublin down by almost 40% (Kitty Holland, Irish Times)

Graham Hughes/Photocall Ireland


The Herald reports:

“The €80 clamping fine should be increased to €130 according to Dublin City Council’s parking appeal’s officer. Bill Keilthy has said the fine has not increased since 1998 and is no longer a deterrent to illegal parking.”

“He was speaking as it was revealed that 56,000 motorists had their vehicles clamped last year. The system is also costing more money in Dublin than it makes. Clamping services cost €7m but the revenue it brings in is only €4.2m… Figures show more than 2,300 drivers have been clamped between four and 50 times over the past four years with one person caught 55 times — an average of once every three to four weeks and at a cost of €4,400 in total if the €80 clamping fee is applied.”


‘Increase clamping fines from €80 to €130,’ says Dublin City Council official (Herald)