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Owensieplaying Limerick and West Cork next month

What you may need to know…

Michael Owens, aka Owensie, specialises in an alternative-leaning folk, informed by his previous life as part of various DIY bands, including Puget Sound, Terrordactyl, and Realistic Train.

First garnering adoring glances in 2011 with debut album Aliens, Owensie has slowly but surely built a quality body of solo work, expounded upon with 2012’s Citizens, and remix album I Saw the Flashing Lights.

Streaming above is the promo clip for the title track of third album Dramamine, available for streaming and download via Bandcamp and physically via Out on a Limb Records.

Next up for Owensie are appearances in Limerick and West Cork: Friday June 10th sees him play Limrock’s Stormy Teacup, and on Saturday June 11th, he plays Connolly’s of Leap as part of Southern Hospitality Board’s SuddenWestSummer one-dayer.

Verdict: Evocative without being schlocky, relaxed without calling for a halt to your grey matter. A welcome deviation from the standard singer-songwriter schtick.


Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 13.44.27

Is there anyone in authority to call a halt to the insanity of the new city-wide 30km/h (19 mph) limit to be fully rolled out by 2018? It is hard to believe anyone who has ever driven a car thought this was a reasonable measure. Why not 10mph? Why not 5 mph? How about we all just walk? Or maybe just stay at home? Or maybe in bed?

John O’Donovan,
Dublin 6.

30km/h speed limit for Dublin (Irish Times)

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Alan NewmanPoised

What you may need to know…

01. Dublin beatmaker and video editor Alan Newman has been plugging away across numerous solo and collaborative ventures.

02. The Boss Level Series man just released Outside the Box, a new collaborative LP with Collie, following up similar efforts with Funzo and Raphtor. Available on iTunes now.

03. Streaming above is new instrumental Poised, released last week on Newman’s Soundcloud.

04. More collab efforts are planned throughout the year. Next month sees 7even Days’ Work released with KidAntics, August sees Friendly Fire out with Row-B and a returning Raphtor, while the autumn sees collabs with Siyo and Row-B.

Verdict: One of Ireland’s most productive beatsmiths at present, Newman is holding his own with an expanding range of collaborators.

Alan Newman


Saint Sisterrelease Madrid video, touring throughout summer

What you may need to know…

01. Gemma Doherty and Morgan McIntyre are Saint Sister, and specialise in a brand of folk that takes in vocal harmonies, floaty synths, and electric harp.

02. Formed in November 2014, the duo have been quick to make their presence felt, releasing debut EP Madrid, touring with O Emperor and Wyvern Lingo, and appearing on Other Voices.

03. Streaming above is the video to the title track of their EP, Madrid. Directed and produced by Bob Gallagher, it’s a tense affair to say the least.

The full summer touring and festival grind is underway. May 27 sees them hit the Unitarian Church in Dublin, and appearances are scheduled for Vantastival, Body & Soul, Longitude, and more. Full listings here.

Verdict: Gorgeous music, that runs the gamut from folk to ambient, with plenty to savour for alternative and post-rock heads, too.

Saint Sister


It is with alarm that I read Frank MacDonald’s article about the new definition of “low rise” for the purposes of the draft Dublin City Development Plan.

In any European context, and in particular in an Irish context, the idea that up to 28 metres (nine storeys) could be “low rise” is a serious abuse of language and can only be designed to confuse the average citizen.

The development plan has been called an environmental contract between the city and its citizens and there should be no room for confusion or misinterpretation.

The attempt to dissemble is made worse by the fact that this is not the first time that the description of allowable building heights has been fudged.

In the defunct policy document Maximising the City’s Potential, earlier efforts to increase building heights, without actually clearly defining what that would mean, were rejected.

The unique selling point of Dublin is its scale, with big skies and the sight of the mountains at the end of the road. We can increase density and “maximise” its potential without destroying that quality.

Let us not try to compare ourselves to London and New York but rather to cities of similar population and scale. Above all , let us not pretend that any building up to nine storeys high is “low rise”.

Jane Lanigan,
Dublin 4.


Building heights in Dublin (Irish Times letters)

Pic via Gravity Bar

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Overhead the Albatross – release debut album Learning to Growl

What you may need to know…

1.The last time we met Dublin post-rockers Overhead, the Albatross they were gearing up for their debut album and making up for lost time with a hometown show.

2. Learning to Growl is finally here, and it’s received the reaction one might expect.

3. It’s streaming in its entirety above, with purchase links for double-vinyl, for them what wants it. If you’ve the time to check it out, or need study/working tunes, dig in.

4. Now begins the victory lap. Cyprus Avenue in Cork in June, and appearances at Castlepalooza and Knockanstockan fests.

Verdict: Dear readers, I know you don’t take kindly to hyperbole, so I’ll spare you. But you owe yourselves at least one listen to this record, front-to-back. You won’t regret it.

Overhead, the Albatross

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Last Saturday in Dublin.

Members and supporters of the Irish Refugee Council, End Direct Provision Dublin and the Dublin Calais Solidarity gathered at St Stephen’s Green, the Central Bank, and the Italian Quarter to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis concerning refugees.

Irish Refugee Council

Thanks Caroline Reid