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Belfast Rapid Transport has named a stop on the Albertbridge Road as ‘Short Strand’. A local DUP MP, Emma Little Pengally  said the name “does not reflect either the area or the history of the area in which the stop is situated” and was “clearly not a Short Strand stop”.

Colm Dore writes:

Amid other matters, like the north east of Ireland being taken out of the EU against the will of the people there, why would the DUP Westminster MP for South Belfast take this interest in the naming of a bus stop in east Belfast?

The name refers to one of the city’s oldest communities. Coincidentally, it is a nationalist community….

DUP MP’s Short Strand Belfast bus stop ‘serious concerns’ – but it’s ‘traditional’ says Translink (Belfast Telegraph)

Cathal O’Rourke writes:

This BBC Spotlight thing was on the other night. Includes:

Environmental profiteering!
Dirty Ukrainian Money!
The Tories!
The DUP!
Brexit !

…and a cameo from Christopher Wylie (top), of Cambridge Analytica infamy, and  the FBI agent who brought down the Wolf of Wall Street

Stick the kettle on etc, and to the pitchforks afterwards.


Watch back here

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Ah here.

Hopeless Surfer writes:

Theresa May has installed the DUP Word Wizard to help avoid another day of shambolic Irish border announcements…

Last night: No Break For The Border

UK Prime Minister Theresa May greets Arlene Foster, leader of the DUP, on Downing Street this morning

The DUP’s 10 MPs will back the Tories in key Commons votes, starting with the Queen’s Speech later this week, but there will be no formal coalition.

The talks focused on financial support for Northern Ireland and Brexit.

The DUP has claimed the UK government has agreed to improve the treatment of military veterans in Northern Ireland as part of the agreement but played down reports that it had sought £2bn in extra funding for Northern Ireland in return for their support.


Conservatives agree pact with DUP to support May government (BBC)

Pic: PA


DUP and the Conservative party have agreed to:

Keeping the triple lock for pensions

Keeping winter fuel payments for all pensioners

Keeping defence spending at 2% of GDP

Extending the armed forces covenant to Northern Ireland

There is also a financial package worth £1bn over two years. There will also be “new flexibilities” in terms of how £500m already committed to Northern Ireland can be spent.

£1bn Tory/DUP deal will retain pensions lock and winter fuel payments – Politics live (Guardian)

Sharon tweetz:

UK media scrambling to inform people who the DUPs are after never discussing Northern Irish politics…



Earlier: Downing But Not Out

From top: Banrion Uladh  and the name change courtesy of Michelle McIlveen, the DUP’s Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Minister

Banrion Uladh was the name of the vessel that patrols the Irish Sea as far south as Anglesey and as far north as Lough Foyle.

It transports officials with powers to board fishing boats to check if they are complying with EU quotas.

It was launched in 2010 by then Sinn Fein Agriculture Minister Michelle Gildernew, and its Irish name, which translates as Queen of Ulster, sparked annoyance among DUP MLAs.

Now Michelle McIlveen – the DUP’s Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) Minister – has changed the boat’s name to Queen of Ulster, leading to Sinn Fein fury.

Row erupts after DUP minister changes name of boat from Irish to English (Belfast Telegraph)

Colm Dore writes:

Seems the Good Friday Agreement doesn’t supercede the Statutes of Kilkenny after all.