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Excerpts from the compellingly moresome online sketchbook of Simon Stalenhag: an often mundanely dystopic future world explored in beautifully rendered detail.


(H/T: Nick Moran)

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Ninian Doff’s dystopian desertscspe scifi video for the Chemical Brother’s new track.

Imperator Furiosa will be along in a moment.



What you may need to know:

1. A prequel  to the original Mad Max (1979).

2. Dystopian badlands are Fast and Furious.

3. Director George Miller has taken a break from making films about adorable Babes and Dancing Penguins to get back to his original angry roots.

4. They trashed the Interceptor. Again?

4. It stars Charlize Theron. There are already plans for the next Mad Max installment written around her character, Furiosa.

5. Tom Hardy turned down Robocop (2014) to drive a mile in Mel Gibson’s shoes.

6. Broadsheet Prognosis: Not a Thunderdome in sight buíochas a ghabháil dia.

Release Date: 2015

future future2

ADHD explores what the future holds in store for humanity.

Nothing good.

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dysco2 dysco

A rather deliciously rendered 3D experimental short by Simon Russell:

…about synesthetic drones, neon dubstep and the surveillance state.