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Looking for something to do in Cork on Easter Sunday?

Up to St. Luke’s with ya.

Writes Joe Kelly:

St Luke’s Cross, on Cork city’s northside, has, over the years, exuded its own unique personality and charm. A cultural crossroads being fed from all directions.

Now with Live at St Luke’s bringing over 45 concerts to the area in the last year and a half a carnival atmosphere has on occasion being sensed. So we thought it would be a good idea to join up four of the local businesses from afternoon to night time for a broad palette of music, song and dance.

Guests include: at Live at St Luke’s, Lankum (Lynched) plus Katie Kim; Donal Dineen at Henchy’s; Anth Kaley & Lynda Cullen in Rant and Sillk at the Wine Tavern.

Tickets and more info.

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This afternoon.

Clontarf, Dublin 3

Eamon Henehan playing Jesus Christ in the annual Good Friday re-enactment at St John the Baptist Church.

Spot Mammy.


Meanwhile, any excuse.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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Of this sponsored celebration of gluttonous nostalgia, Claire Buckley writes:

Ahead of the chocfest that will be this weekend, Saorview took to the streets of Dublin to ask the public some hard hitting questions about Easter – here’s what they found out!

Other digital television providers are available.

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Was it for Zzzzz…?

The struggle for a good night’s kip will continue.

Easter commemoration in Lurgan, Co. Armagh yesterday.