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Behold the Trondheim Trawler – the world’s first electric powered trawler – completely silent and tough enough to withstand four meter swells and 40 knot winds.

Available in three configurations from 9 to 13.5m with nautical ranges between1,500 and 4,000 km depending on powerplant.

You’ll put them all to shame above in Killybegs.

Yours from €265,000.


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Behold the Faraday Future FF-91 – a 1050bhp, an all-wheel drive electric SUV/sedan with a 600km range that will accelerate to 100km/h in 2.4 seconds.

The luxury electroyacht has 3D lidar headlights, an autonomous sensor system including 13 radars and ultrasonic detectors, facial recognition entry and ‘mood sensing’ cameras inside that adjust music, temperature, scent (yes, scent), massage and more to suit your, eh, vibe.

Production begins early next year. 


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The Mercedes Benz Generation EQ – a concept electric SUV coupe launched this week at the Paris Motor Show with cameras for mirrors, concealed wipers, an optical fibre LED illuminated grille and a 60cm widescreen instrument display.

Mercedes claims the car will do 0 -100km/h in under five seconds with a 500km range on a full charge when it goes on sale.

In 2019.