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Up to 90.

By Emma Doran, who writes:

The age-old story of a pilot for the player sits on a shelf gathering dust for 18 months…

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The ‘Up To 90’ podcast

Hosts Emma Doran (top left) and Julie Jay (right) meet football legend Paul McGrath (centre).

Emma writes:

We chat to Paul about everything from nudist resorts to what he really thinks of the Apres Match lads and if Roy Keane is in fact a prick. Finalising papers at the moment so Paul can officially become our Uncle….

Up To 90 (Headstuff.org)

‘Looking after’ stuff for a friend, 1999.

Emma Doran writes:

We were all great at minding stuff for our mates back in the day

And while I’m here can anyone tell me can I cash in my prizebonds?


Emma’s ‘little sister’ is played by Ella Doran.

Emma Doran