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Seatown Road, Swords, County Dublin

Mark writes:

Anyone know why these 10 gaffs around the corner from Fingal County Council have been vacant for the past 4 months given the housing crisis we are currently experiencing?

They nearly all have cars parked outside them to make them look inhabited too.

They were originally owned by the solicitor Mr Shannon before Nama took them over.

Fingal Lettings & Property is currently looking after them and there is talk that they may have passed hands many times over the past 8 years…


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This afternoon.

19-21 Connaught St, Phibsboro. Dublin 7

Anon writes:

Continuing, appalling land hoarding in Phibsboro. 100m from a tram stop!

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Last Year: Ghost Houses

Don Reilly writes:

3 bungalows empty for many years beside Royal College of Surgeons Sportsgrounds, near Dardistown Cemetery north Dublin. Can any broadsheet reader throw any light?

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Florence Road, Bray

Anony writes:

Palatial and empty gaff with shop on Florence Road, Bray [County Wicklow]. Derelict for yonks and literally around the corner from the four vacant houses on Eglinton Terraces you featured last week…


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Milverton, Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Grace Garvey writes:

My dream home, Milverton on Herbert Park, has been lying idle for four years now.

It was bought at auction in 2013 for €4.6 million by a solicitor on behalf of a mystery client and has been shuttered up since.

It’s a gorgeous Edwardian house that’s beginning to show some signs of neglect (The photo above doesn’t do it justice).


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Ballymanaggin, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Steph writes:

In Clondalkin three minutes from the village,  SIX brand new three-bed new semis from €250K in 2009. Never opened.


Earlier: Four In A Row

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Eglinton Road, Bray, County Wicklow

Anon writes:

In Eglinton Road, in Bray there’s four vacant houses, all two-storey gaffs with converted basements. They have been vacant for years. They back on to a Wicklow County Council site that’s set to become a shopping centre…


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Dublin Road, Swords, County Dublin

Don Reilly writes:

Two-storey detached house and two bungalows with large back gardens on the Dublin Road, Swords, Co. Dublin.

Empty for over 10 years. Owned by the nearby Pavilions Shopping Centre A disgrace.

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The outskirts of Dunboyne, County Meath

Aaaa writes:

Empty House just outside Dunboyne, Meath. Belonging to a certain Richard Bruton. He also has a bundle of land that has been zoned for years, with no sign of any movement on it.

Surely if it’s not going to be built on then it shouldn’t be zoned, as that’s skewing the figures for available land to build on, which is one of the reasons many applications are turned down (an ‘abundance’ of zoned land in the area).


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