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Carol B writes:

Iceland women left work on Monday at 2.38pm, 14 per cent early to refeect the country’s  gender pay gap.  If we did this in Ireland (please!) what time would we have to leave work?



Tom Watts, at Expertmarket, writes:

Just getting in touch as I see you have covered the story broken by the NY Times and The Independent about the gender pay gap in Iceland and yesterday’s walk-out by female employees.

I noticed that you wanted to know what time Irish women would walk out of work and as we provided the stats for the original stories in both the NYT and Independent, I thought you might like to include them too, to give your readers a source and provide them with more information…

…The Irish GPG is 14.40%, so women stop getting paid on November 7th and could leave work at 15:51

Our original research can be found, here


You made a scene.

Banker turned graphics geek, Aimée Stewart of Infographic Natives puts a visual to the 13000 articles published across 3600 publications in 99 countries.

Aimée writes:

Ireland voted yes and the world was listening. Here’s an infographic visualising the conversation…

Infographic Natives



Gerard McCarthy writes:

You might like to add this. Constituencies scaled to electorate….


Ashers Bakery in Belfast declined the request for a cake with an image of Sesame Street puppets Bert and Ernie below the motto Support Gay Marriage last May

Live updates gay cake row: Ashers bakery guilty of discrimination against gay man (Belfast Telegraph)

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A series of murals by In The Company of Huskies creative agency for legendary Dublin gay bar The George.

Aleesha writes:

With May 22nd drawing ever closer, Huskies were invited to The George to help celebrate the institution’s 30 years by chronicling milestones in LGBT life in Ireland

In The Company Of Huskies

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 10.40.45

Ice-cream tycoons and general do-gooders Ben & Jerry’s wade in on the upcoming marriage referendum.

Elaine Verdon writes:

“Ahead of the vote, we’ve created a YES video in the hope of inspiring fans to use their vote. Through a series of scenarios from college to work, to the stage, to sport and more we’re literally spelled out how many times people say YES everyday and how easy it is to just say YES in the referendum on May 22nd.” 

*plunges flake into 99*

Ben & Jerry’s