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Like the Eurovision Song Contest?

Free Friday?

Neil Curran writes:

Some of your readers might be interested in an event taking place on Friday night at 8pm in the Harbour Playhouse in Portobello, D8. “Improvision” – The Eurovision, improvised. Taking all the bad bits of the Eurovision and making it mean something again. Musical accompaniment from “The Hold Me Nows”.

Improvised; The Eurovision Improvised


Because Louis.

Former Westlife singer and RTÉ 2FM broadcaster Nicky Byrne (above) has reportedly been selected to represent Ireland at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden.

Fluffybiscuits writes:

What this represents is an extremely lazy choice for RTÉ. Nicky is a lovely guy, great personality but time and time again Eurovision is used by singers who have been out of the music business for a long time (Think Englebert Humperdink, Bonnie Tyler etc). RTÉ could have done three things:

a) Revive the Castlebar Song Contest
b) A ten song final broadcast on a Sunday evening or Saturday/Friday night
c) Asked a current band – my choice would have been a floor filler with Le Galaxie and Sinead O Connor

Another opportunity wasted by RTÉ again….


Nicky Byrne Reported To Be Representing Ireland At Eurovision 2016 (Eurovision.net)



He has a dream.

David writes:

Wannabe popstar, Xnthony, who you’ve previously featured signing autographs on Grafton Street, last night announced his bid for Eurovision glory in 2016 outside the Gaiety Theatre.

Xnthony will seek the guidance of the public in selecting a song for the competition in a series of special performances, titled Douze, in Smock Alley as part of the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival. It’d be great to be featured on the site again given how popular he’s been with your readers in the past….


Douze (Xnthony)

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