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Liggy writes:

Nice to know that some of the GAA followers are born-again Neanderthals.

We don’t have enough sexism in this country at a national, institutional and business level so it is nice to see individual knuckle-draggers like this one make a solid contribution to the cause too.

Pity he picked on a woman with 1000s of followers on her GAA Instagram page who promptly shared the exchange.

….but but but it’s ok. In an exciting further exchange of messages, he was able to explain what happened and was sure the law was on his side.

The gobshite….

No need for the language.


Cathríona Heffernan (Facebook)



Thanks Rob G


This afternoon.

Killarney, County Kerry.

Jerry O’Sullivan writes:

Pimped out van rental company Wicked Campers – Good craic or casual misogyny?

Their Australian branch got in a bit of warm water down under for it a few years back but not for the misogyny mind you…

Or not at all?

YOU be the judge.

Jenny O’Neill writes:

Lidl Ireland have just published research saying girls need more encouragement to participate in team sports on HerFamily.ie.

Today I saw that they are advertisinggirls’ t shirts featuring unicorns & boys’ saying ‘best player’ & ‘team supporter’.

I am absolutely fuming at the blatant sexism not to mention stunning hypocrisy.​ ​I’m delighted that they continue to support Ladies Gaelic Football but this ‘serious support’ should also apply to the clothing they have for sale…

Girls/Boys Long Sleeved Tops (Lidl)




Jane Maher writes:

Thank god Easons have Pritt Stick for girls, I was afraid my tiny girl hands wouldn’t be able to hold normal glue. it’s pink too…


From top: Star Wars poster featuring Felicity Jones (top) and Inferno Dublin Bus ad.

Alan O Regan writes:

I saw a poster for Inferno on a Dublin Bus this morning. I thought the actress looked like Felicity Jones so I was scanning the poster for her name. No sign of her name on the poster despite sharing prominence (space-wise) with Tom Hanks.

Now I know Tom Hanks is a huge star and everything but to not have his co-star’s name on the poster at all?

It’s a pity too because I was just thinking how great it was that she’s featured so prominently on the new Star Wars poster (with the men much less so) and in a non-sexualised way and that this was a good step forward.

Anyway, if it was obvious enough to slap me out of my usual apathy I thought it can’t be right.


Top pic: Lucasfilm


Stillorgan dual carriageway during the recent VHI Women’s Mini Marathon

“Last Monday I was a participant in the “fast jogger” category of the women’s mini-marathon, running with my aunt, a victor over breast cancer, in Dublin on a hot summer’s day.

On three occasions I was exposed to what what I would consider sexism in the form of “motivational” slogans: “Run like you left the immersion on!”, “The N11 never looked so good!” and “Don’t worry, ladies, the hair still looks gorgeous!

The first two slogans appeared in fabric stretched across the footbridge of the Stillorgan dual-carriageway.

The latter was shouted by a member of the Order of Malta. To my astonishment, most women around me did not find fault with any of these slogans.

In fact, they cheered on the troglodyte and seemed genuinely validated by his creepy flattery.

Are the old concepts of our worth as women so embedded into the female Irish psyche that comments such as these automatically elicit a positive response of appreciation or, at the very least, an embarrassed smile?”

Christina Cleary, in this morning’s Irish Times


‘Run like you left the immersion on!’ – Everyday sexism and the mini marathon (Irish Times)


Thanks Rotide

Pics via CJNíChléirigh and Lindie Naughton