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Transarquitetônica – a huge installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art, University of São Paulo by Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira.

Composed entirely of recycled materials, the structure – which visitors can walk through – transitions from the cavernous interior of knotted roots to brick walls and painted corridors, symbolising our evolution from primitive shelter to modern urban architecture.



Of this rather excellent sample of sampled and resampled sampling, Eclectic Method sez:

A video remix journey through the history of sampling taking in some of the most noted breaks and riffs of the decades. A chronological journey from the Beatles’ use of the Mellotron in the 60s to the sample dense hiphop and dance music of the 80s and 90s. Each break is represented by a vibrating vinyl soundwave exploding into various tracks that sampled it, each re-use another chapter in the modern narrative.

Mp3 download here.

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