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The adorable liquid-eyed creations of Spanish artist Javier Calleja – exhibiting from next week at Galeria Yusto/Giner at Marbella, near the artist’s home town of Malaga.


Trust: a barely believable nano sculpture by Jonty Hurwitz – holder of the 2015 Guinness World Record for “The smallest sculpture of a human form”.

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A short film by Helsinki-based director Lucas Zanotto showcasing nine of his own kinetic sculptures, each one imitating an action associated with the eyes.


TwinCats3 TwinCats7TwinCats5

Iriss and Abyss – preternaturally photogenic twin females with matching snow white fur and heterochromia iridium – a harmless condition that gives rise to different coloured eyes.

Of course, they’e on Instagram.


Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 13.55.42

Richard ‘Bets You Won’t Lose’ Wiseman demostrates the floating candle illusion you always thought was magic but will soon discover is totally ninja.

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