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Ken writes;

So what with the coming onslaught of (presumably US-funded) pro-life FB ads that will be hitting swing voters, but which the rest of us will apparently never see because we’re not targets, it occurred to me that one way this sort of stuff might be counteracted, or highlighted anyway, is by asking your readers to send in screen grabs of any dubious (or undubious) Repeal-related FB ads they are getting, and that way at least a light is being shone on what’s going on?

Above is an ad from a mate (I don’t get these, I get pounded by ‘Masterclass…’ ads), I have no idea if this is on the pro-life website, and I have no intention of checking, but it does look a bit dodgy to me, and chances are there are plenty more like it – it might even be worth setting up a FB profile that you think is likely to attract this sort of advertising.

I know you and the Irish Times don’t exactly get along, but Fintan O’Toole had a piece there a while ago about Kanto/Thomas Borwick [Brexit pollsters] which portented a ‘firestorm’ of social media ads – it would be sweet to see what these ads actually were?

There is no escape.

Are you ready? This is all the data Facebook and Google have on you (Dylan Curran, The Guardian)

Thanks Prada Meinhof


Judith Goldberger writes:

Bizarre letter from An Post sent to my neighbour who has moved. Is this the new definition of a Facebook Post?



Junior Minister Jim Daly (left) and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

Journalist Ken Foxe writes:

Minister Jim Daly wrote directly to Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg about his master plan to link social media accounts to passports (or public services cards) . I’m guessing there was no response as it wasn’t released under FOI.


Ken adds:

Facebook HQ in Ireland did write back to Jim Daly saying his ID verification plan presented “some very difficult privacy and data protection-related issues” & offering a face to face meeting…

Correspondence between government and Facebook on controversial proposal to tie social media accounts to official identification documents (Ken Foxe, Thestory.ie)

Ken Foxe

Pics: Rollingnews/Getty


On Fine Gael’s Facebook page.

At 8pm.

A debate between Simon Coveney and Leo Varadkar (top) will be broadcast from the Red Cow Hotel in Dublin with Gavin Duffy acting as convenor.

Further debates will take place in Carlow tomorrow night; Ballinasloe, Co Galway on Saturday; and Cork on Sunday.

The debates take place ahead of next week’s vote – almost 21,000 Fine Gael party members (25%) and 235 local representatives (10%) early in the week, and 73 parliamentary party members (65%) on Friday, June 2.

Mr Varadkar’s 12-page Taking Ireland ‘policy ideas paper’ can be read here, while Mr Coveney’s 16-page Positive Strong Leadership paper can be read here

Fine Gael (Facebook)

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