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The former AIB Bankcentre Headquarters, Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

This deal will see it acquire the 14-acre site in the south Dublin suburb, allowing it to grow its floor space to 870,000 square feet.

The new campus will play host to the 60 teams it has in Ireland across engineering, safety, legal, policy, marketing and sales.

The move will substantially increase its floorspace in the city enabling it to expand its workforce by up to 5,000.

But where will they live, anyone?

Facebook to lease AIB Bank Centre for new Dublin campus (RTÉ)

Pic: Scollard & Doyle

The Q47 writes:

Cynical advertising at its best. This ad appeared in my Facebook chat today, so I looked to see why I would be shown it. The reason provided was quite something!


 Fianna Fáil TD Anne Rabbitte is giving away tickets to see the Pope for Facebook ‘likes’

Yesterday evening.

Fianna Fáil TD Anne Rabbitte posted a competition for tickets to see Pope Francis on her Facebook page.

Seamus writes:

Three things: Firstly, the tickets aren’t transferable. I checked, it’s in the terms and conditions. They probably won’t check, but all tickets have the name of the person who ordered them, and if you’re not that person or with that person you might not be allowed in.

Secondly, I’m not religious and I have mixed respect for the trappings of religiosity, but running a like and share competition for pope tickets seems more than a little disrespectful, even ignoring that ‘like & share’ competitions are the work of the devil, a person the pope is against.

The Pope’s the corner forward on the Against Satan team, ready to don the number 10 jersey if Jesus breaks an ankle or starts bleeding vinegar from his side.

You’re doing Satan’s work here, deputy – you should hang your head in shame and wear the customary sackcloth as a penance.

Thirdly, there were a lot of complaints from people objecting to people block-booking tickets with no intention to use them. Well, here’s a Fianna Fail TD who decided that booking a few extra tickets to drive people to her Facebook page was a reasonable thing to do.

This sort of “give me something and I might give you something in return” horsepoo is part of the reason Martin Luther started the Reformation. It’s also part of the reason why he was right.


Anne Rabbitte (Facebook)

Emma Graham-Harrison, in The Guardian, reports:

Facebook is to publish comprehensive data on political advertising during Ireland’s abortion referendum campaign, giving an unprecedented insight into targeting of voters on social media, and setting a powerful precedent for election transparency.

The US company has told Irish politicians it will provide anonymised details of the amount spent on targeting Irish voters on its platform between 1 March and 25 May, and the number of referendum-linked ads that had been purchased.

It will also provide details of proposed advertisements, and proposed spending, that it had rejected after bringing in a ban on foreign organisations paying for online campaigns inside Ireland.

… The Irish vote threw concerns about “dark ads” – targeted at individual voters or small groups, and not visible to the rest of the electorate – into sharp focus after it emerged that foreign organisations had been taking advantage of a loophole in Irish law to target voters online.

Facebook to publish data on Irish abortion referendum ads (The Guardian)

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Localistaion Girls writes:

Isn’t it about time these companies in my country who are instrumental in providing platform for hate speech and anti-social activity were told to clean up the act or clear off.

A few commercial Pride dollars and rainbows don’t cut it.

There role hands in hand with government is not acceptable either.

So, Mr Tourist with the thumbs up (above), what’s to ‘Like’ here exactly?

 Out of touch, out of here. Please.

‘Inside Facebook’: Dublin’s disturbing role in turning blind eye to hate speech (peter Crowley, Irish Times)

Friends with benefits: Correspondence gives insight into Government’s relationship with Facebook (Independent.ie)


You won’t like this.

Full interview between Facebook Vice President of Global Policy Lord Richard Allan and Krishnan Guru-Murthy, of Channel 4’s Dispatches, revealing how Facebook decides what users can and can’t see on the platform.

Good times.

Emma Mhic Mathúna with her solicitor Cian O’Carroll at the High Court two weeks ago

Last night.

Following news that none of the 3,000 smear tests being reviewed as a consequence of the CervicalCheck scandal have yet been carried out….

Terminally ill mum-of-five Emma Mhic Mathúna, whose cervical cancer was diagnosed in 2016 following smear test incorrectly giving her the all-clear in 2013, made a public appeal for help from cytologists while also appealing for the use of a lab.

Emma learned last week that the cancer has spread to the left side of her brain and, two weeks ago, she settled her case against the HSE and US laboratory Quest Diagnostics for €7.5million.

All the money will be paid into the court for the benefit of her children.

Emma wrote on Facebook:

Can any cytologists, who can do some work, PM me. We need to get the 3000 slides done ASAP, there’s no point waiting for Cervical Check – we need to set this up ourselves . If any politician wants to help, I’ll be in Dublin on July 23 for two weeks, meet me. These ladies need the smears done now. I also need use of a lab if any university can let us use theirs until term resumes. Come on board. If anyone knows a lab for rent let me know also time for talking is over.

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