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This afternoon.

A smattering of the memes currently being deployed ahead of today’s Fake News Awards from the White House.

Can this end well?

YES YOU decide



Yesterday: Meme Stream Media

This afternoon.

Just a sample of the thousands of memes prepared ahead of tomorrow’s Fake News Awards presented by US President Donald Trump.

The awards will be given to “the most dishonest and corrupt news media” at a ceremony in the White House.

Seems legit.


Seriously though, fingers crossed for The Tonight Show With Stephen Colbert



Judith Goldberger writes:

Despite all the MSM huffing and puffing about fake news and the po-faced sanctimony of media platforms such as the Irish Times, the Irish Times still publishes something they admit is not verified by a 3rd party independently. Oh, but it says “purported”. That’s OK then, innit? It’s all clicks…