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Noel Finn writes:

I’m wondering if I could unabashedly promote our inaugural Summer Cider Festival coming up this weekend 4th, 5th &  6th of July at the Franciscan Well in Cork. The weekend is about showcasing Irish Craft Cider makers, to get their names on the map around Ireland. We’re a brewery of the beer sort ourselves but the point of our festivals year round are to promote either Irish Cask Beer (February) all Irish craft-breweries (Easter) and now hopefully a forum for Irish cider in the summer months. I’d be very grateful if ye could give us a plug, and indeed if ye’d possibly drop in on us anytime ye be in cork, we only serve the good beer!


Love and nom: together at last.

MiX@ is a new concept for unattached people who have had enough scary encounters on Tinder and POF “cringe at the thought of cheesy single set ups, online dating and faceless matchmaking”.

Mix@ was created by cupid’s apostles Nikki Dwyer and Alan Kennedy.

Nikki writes:

“This is not about speed dating, or gimmicky matchmaking services, this is about broadening your circles of people with whom you ‘mix’ with, the fact that they are all single – well it’s just an added bonus. MiX@ is different, present at big social events you’d otherwise want to attend…”

Mix@ have given us four, yes FOUR individual passes to the Mix@ Taste of Dublin 2014 event in the Iveagh Gardens, Dublin, on Sunday, 15 June.

The current ratio for the gathering is 2:1 women

The pass includes entry to Taste of Dublin, the Mix@ marquee, a drink on arrival and an optional boogie to a performance by Smash Hits 90s.

To enter, please complete the following:

‘My worst dining and dating experience Involved________________________’

Lines must close at 1.45pm 3.15pm


Update: The winners are Clampers Outside, Bertie Blenkinsop, BB and Spanolia.

Thanks all.

Mix@ Taste

Taste of Dublin 2014



From the man behind the last year’s call to arms, Irish Cinema’s New Wave: A Manifesto.

Underground Film Festival?

Previously: For Your Consideration

bray logoCandy floss, ice-creams and cops on mountain bikes emptying tins of Special Brew into the sand in front of disgruntled half-cut teens.

Yes, the Bray Summer Festival 2013 in Bray, Co Wicklow, [home to several Broadsheet contributors] running from July 6– August 5.

FOUR weeks of music, chips AND an airshow spectacular.

And it’s all free.

Bray Blueshirt mayor Festival Director Mick Glynn sez:

“Bray Summerfest has grown significantly over the last number of years and is North Wicklow’s largest tourism driver with over 120,000 visiting the town during the 2012 festival and brings an economic benefit to the area of €8m.”


Launching tonight in the Porterhouse, Strand Road (“down at the beach”), Bray, Co Wicklow.

Bray Summer Festival 2013 (Facebook)