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A1xE1OS6M8L Bambi_-_Rowan-Stocks_Moore_verge_super_widebeetlejuice_separations poster2 posterBlade_Runner_-_Kako_and_Carlos_Bela_verge_super_wideLife_Aquatic_-_Joshua_Budich_verge_super_wideA sample of 200 spectacularly reimagined movie posters by more than 100 artists from 20 countries – all featured in a new book, Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground (available at the end of this month) compiled by Michael Chojnacki, who sez of it:

The only criteria was that the poster couldn’t have been used in an official theatrical run of the film, And it had to kick ass.




From the man behind the last year’s call to arms, Irish Cinema’s New Wave: A Manifesto.

Underground Film Festival?

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