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This morning.

At the Dogpatch Labs in The CHQ Building, Custom House Quay, Dublin 1.

Fine Gael’s Richard Bruton, Enda Kenny, Michael Noonan and Simon Harris launch the party’s Long Term Economic Plan…

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Pics via Pat McGrath

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Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton and Minister for Health Leo Varadkar at an Action Plan For Jobs event in Government Buildings this morning

Further to the Michael Lowry/Fine Gael brouhaha

This morning Minister for Health Leo Varadkar said:

“I really wouldn’t like to see a Government that’s dependent on any Independent. Because if we’re back to that, we’re back to the kind of parish pump deals that existed in the past. Fine Gael has never actually engaged in them, only Fianna Fáil has historically and, of course, the last time Michael Lowry was involved in such a deal it was with Fianna Fáil. And there are a number of Independent TDs who have issues with the law including Mr Lowry, but others too. And I’d hate to see a Government dependent on somebody not having to be in court or, potentially, being in prison.”

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Sam Boal/Rollingnews


Red Flag offices on Ely Place, Dublin 2

The Ireland edition of The Times reports this morning that Fine Gael had planned to use communications company Red Flag as its social media consultant but abandoned the plan because the PR firm is being sued by Denis O’Brien.

Mr O’Brien is claiming Red Flag was involved in a conspiracy against him.

John Walsh reports:

“In December Garret Doyle, Red Flag’s chief operations officer, told the High Court in an affidavit that Mr O’Brien’s case against the company had resulted in the loss of “one significant and valuable project”. It is understood this was a reference to the arrangement with Fine Gael.”

“…Red Flag was to make up to four staff available as part of the proposed deal, which was worth about €100,000. The company uses specialist software that Fine Gael was hoping to deploy to push and target its own message effectively on social media, but also to protect its candidates’ timelines or Facebook accounts being overrun by supporters of other parties.”

“…It is also understood that Fine Gael is now being advised by a London-based consultancy called Edmonds Elder, which is run by Craig Elder and Tom Edmonds. The firm ran the digital operation for the Conservatives during the 2015 UK general election. The British party’s campaign, particularly on Facebook, was considered one of the key elements in its successful re-election.”

“…On its website, Red Flag advises clients that it can act “your eyes, ears and mouth in the rapidly moving digital world”. The company advertises a software suite called Semafore which “monitors, evaluates and reports on market reaction and sentiment”.

It advises companies that it will assist them to learn about reputation issues before they hit the headlines, be ready to launch pre-emptive strikes and “marshal allies to win the online space when things heat up”.”

Fine Gael dropped PR firm over O’Brien case (The Times, John Walsh)

Leah Farrell/RollingNews.ie


Fine Gael TD Jim Daly

Further to RTÉ Investigates.

Fine Gael deputy Jim Daly urges caution.

“I border on resenting since I came up [from West Cork] here how the agenda is set by the media continuously and I find it very difficult to understand and I think, if anything it is eroding our reputation and our democracy and how this house works is reactive pandering to the agenda set by the media.

I mean in fairness to Morning Ireland they even admitted that they call it “setting the agenda for the day” and we in this House [Dáil] go off on a, on a tangent following whatever the media are talking about, and the first thing that struck me when I saw this motion [a proposal by the Social Democrats to set up an anti-corruption agency] I was saying ‘God that’s very curious timing’ the day after following the programme on RTÉ last night but that was the most hyped programme.

…I didn’t see the programme I must confess at this stage but it was the most hyped and sensationalised and advertised, I didn’t see RTÉ promote anything with such gusto as they promoted that last week and here we are again in this House just reacting, doing the same thing reacting to the same agenda led by the editors outside in Montrose.

Maybe we should hand over the order of business to the editors outside in Montrose, and let them dictate the pace of, and what we discuss here.”

Jim Daly, Fine Gael TD on RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland.

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Monaghan Councillor Hugh McElvaney with Miriam O’Callaghan in 2013

[former Fine Gael] Cllr [Hugh} McElvaney last night denied any wrongdoing, claiming he knew it was a “sting” but went along with it, as he wanted to expose what he described as an RTÉ “dirty tricks campaign” against him.

“I had to make it as juicy as possible or there would be no show and I had to make it quite sexy so I answered all her questions to make her interested,” he told the Irish Independent.

“It takes nerves of steel to do this. I have certainly incriminated myself but I had to do this to expose RTÉ. That’s the type of man I am. Everyone knows I would never take a bribe.”

Mr McElvaney said he initially went along with it, as he wanted to gather information for his local anti-pylon organisation.

He said since he was contacted by RTÉ about the documentary he alerted his local garda station.

Seems legit.

I knew I was being set up…I lured her into my trap’ – Councillor at centre of planning bid controversy wanted to expose RTE ‘dirty tricks campaign’ against him (Philip Ryan, Independent.ie)

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Everyone’s spooked.




From top: Taoiseach Enda Kenny (second left) and  Attorney General Marie Whelan second right) at former Attorney General Declan Costello’s funeral; Siteserv logo.

Yesterday’s Sunday Business Post revealed that the Commission of investigation into transactions made during the wind up of Anglo Irish Bank, including the sale of Siteserv to Denis O’Brien, can not proceed.

Six months after its set up the commission says it does not have the powers to make a determination as to whether documents in the possession of the liquidators, KPMG, are “covered by legal and banking privilege”.

Concerned Citizen asks:

Are Fine Gael attempting to throw the Attorney General under the bus for giving poor advice?
And will the Attorney General say the problems were known from the outset but Fine Gael proceeded because they assumed a General Election would come first?