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This morning.

St Margaret’s Recycling Centre, Sandyhill, St Margaret’s, County Dublin.

More as we get it.

Major blaze at recycling plant near Dublin Airport (RTÉ)


Dublin Fire Brigade tweetz:

The fire in St Margarets is now under control. Some units will be released from the scene shortly, however some will remain to dampen down any hot spots. We would still advise any residents in the surrounding area to keep their windows closed.

Rob Loughlin tweetz:

Big fire in Ballyfermot…

Pics: Cllr Mick Duff and Elaine D and Rob Loughlin


The fire visible from the Dublin mountains at Ticknock.

Thanks Kevin L’Estrange


View of the fire in Cloosh Valley, Co Galway from 16,000 feet yesterday

As the fire service, army and air-corps continue to battle the fire in the Cloosh Valley near Oughterard, Co Galway which began on Sunday…

The Galway Advertiser reports:

The fire in Cloosh Valley near Oughterard, which has destroyed more than 1,000 hectares of forestry is believed to have originated from deliberately set gorse fires, which subsequently spread into Coillte owned forestry.

Deliberately set gorse fires blamed for Cloosh Valley catastrophe (Galway Advertiser)

Pic: Irish Air Corps


This morning.

Firefighters continue to tackle the fire at Cloosh Valley, near Oughterard in Co. Galway.

The Galway Advertiser writes:

“Two helicopters have been operating over the site since Sunday, and are using 1,200 litre capacity ‘bambi buckets’ to drop water to counter the flames…A quarter of the forest’s 4,000 hectare area has already been lost to the fire – or rather 30 individual fires which, together, are causing the extensive damage.

The fire also threatens Galway Wind Park, where the Republic’s biggest wind farm is currently under construction, with two of the 24 turbines erected on the site so far… the exact cause of the fire is not yet known.”

Efforts to fight Galway forest fire continue but extensive damage already caused (The Galway Advertiser)

Photographs taken by Mul Mullarkey via The Galway Advertiser



The warehouse in County Louth last night (top) and this aftternoon (top)

Up to 90 vehicles seized by gardaí were destroyed in a fire at a warehouse in Haggardstown, County Louth last night.

The facility where the blaze broke out is owned by a local towing company which has a contract to store cars seized by local officers.

Emergency services were alerted to the fire at around 7.20pm last night and gardaí and fire units responded. No-one was injured in the blaze, but it burned out of control for several hours.

Ninety vehicles.


Praise for Dundalk Fire Service after Haggardstown blaze (Dundalk Democrat)

Pics: Dundalk Democrat, Rollingnews





Stephen Nutley writes:

Huge fire in Dublin Mountains… – View from Tallaght…