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Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank responds to our affirmative vote in the Fiscal Treaty referendum.

We’re saying nothing

Thanks Mark Malone.

At the referendum count centre in Dublin Castle this afternoon were ‘No’ campaigners, from top: Richard Boyd Barrett, Mary Lou McDonald and Declan Ganley.

It’s A big YES: 60pc Of Voters Approve Fiscal Treaty (Irish Independent)

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)


In the early hours of Friday morning, despite a low turnout, that traditionally benefits No campaigners in Irish EU referendums, a government exit poll reported a “a ‘Yes’ by more than a 60/40 per cent margin.

Irish Referendum: Secret Polls Predict Yes vote Despite Low Turnout (Bruno Waterfield, Telegraph)

According to government sources, Ireland’s referendum on the EU’s new fiscal treaty is likely to pass by a margin of more than three to two, but with a turnout as low as 50%. Unlike the Lisbon Treaty ratification, this time the Irish vote matters little for the Union. “It’s safe to say it’s a ‘Yes’ by more than a 60/40 margin,” one of the sources said, citing polling data.

Irish Seen Approving fiscal Treaty By ‘Safe’ 60-40 Margin (Euractiv.com)


Or bad for “Yes’ and good for ‘No’?

Anoraks Anyone?