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CCCC, Mardyke Walk, by the River Lee [Cork] yesterday.

(Thanks Luke Brennan)

Meanwhile, in Midleton, Co. Cork…


‘We got no warning at all from anyone,’ flood-hit Midleton local says (Irish Times)


This afternoon

Andy Choo Choo writes:

River Liffey [at Dublin city] about to burst and not high tide for 2 hours….



The River Liffey [at O’Connell Bridge, Dublin] this evening.

 Thanks Andy choo choo

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Blackrock [Co. Dublin] gets a new outdoor pool! The pedestrian underpass at Frascatti Road. And yes the pool goes all the way under the road! No doubt our new utility company will get this rectified ASAP, after all it may account towards the performance related award scheme!


Iarnród Éireann’s Limerick to Ennis line is closed due to flooding for approximately SIX weeks.

A spokesperson writes:

The Limerick/Ennis line has flooded following a significant increase in water levels at Ballycar Lough due to the recent sustained heavy rainfall, and the slow draining nature of the karst landscape in the area. Should the recent rainfall patterns persist, this will extend significantly the duration of the closure of the rail line.  Iarnród Éireann had raised the track level by 60 centimetres at Ballycar in 2003 to mitigate against the effects of flooding. However, the current flood levels are at least 50 centimetres over the rail head and rising.

Flooding: Bus transfers between Limerick and Ennis to continue for weeks (Iarnród Éireann)

Pic: Iarnród Éireann