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England play Colombia tonight for a place in the World Cup Quarter Final  at 7pm.

They’re It’s going coming home.


We’ll never hear the end of this.


The Sun reports:

Police have revealed there are more than 500 alleged victims and 248 clubs named in the football sex abuse probe.

The scandal emerged last year when a string of top footballers claimed they had been abused while at clubs’ youth systems and academies.

Police chiefs today announced Operation Hydrant, the UK-wide investigation into non-recent child sexual abuse, has now received 1,016 referrals.

This is up from 819 before Christmas.

Cops are now looking into 184 suspects, 526 potential victims, and 248 clubs.

This is an increase of 100 clubs, professional and amateur, since the last update four weeks ago.

Footie abuse scandal: 526 alleged victims, 184 possible suspects and 248 clubs named in football sex abuse probe (The Sun)

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bwplan1862 Bray Athletic Grounds/Carlisle Grounds, Bray, Co. Wicklow (top), Bray Wanderers Strategic Plan (above)

Further to the Sunday Business Post story on the future of the Bray Wanderers and the inclusion of a new 4500 seat stadium in their future strategic plan.

Bray Wanderers shareholders will lobby present their plans to Councillors tonight in Bray at a public meeting.

Bray Wanderers who currently lease the Carlisle Grounds from the town council cite that the old grounds are not big enough for their future plans and that there is a need to aquire a site outside of Bray for their new greenfield leisure complex.

Steven Matthews, Green Party said:

If they (Bray Wanderers) want to go, it’s up to them, we haven’t initiated any process to ask them to leave. It’s the remit of the councillors to decide what happens to the land. It’s public land, it belongs to the council and we have no plans to develop it.

Any developer looking at Bray would say: There’s one I’d like to keep an eye on.

*drops fish and chips*

Save The Carlisle Grounds (Facebook Public Group)

Bray Wanderers Owners Push For Carlisle Grounds Land Swap (Sunday Business Post)

Paul Cahill (photo credit: Bray Wanderers Strategic Plan)


Sick of the way the game is covered?

The hype, the haircuts and the unwelcome ‘spit roasts’.

You may like an Irish football blog called Pollemma, which caters for the ‘thinking fan’.

Polemma‘s founders Alan Walsh and Paul Tierney explain.

We’re looking to change the conversation around football a little by avoiding clickbait, endless talk of massive transfers and a lot of the nonsense you hear about the game at the top level, and look at football from a slightly different perspective.

We write about the Irish game but also cover stories people might not be familiar with from England, Italy, Africa, Iran and wherever people are kicking footballs. From John Delaney’s antics at the FAI to how a team of refugees are challenging the status quo in Italy.

We do write about the bigger English and European clubs, but in our own way. We love the game, and we’re trying to make Pollemma about why we love it.

We’d love to hear from writers who want to tell interesting stories about the beautiful game, designers, film-makers, coders or anyone creating anything about football.

We’d be thrilled to feature work from like-minded fans. You can mail us at votepollemma@gmail.com or on twitter @votepollemma



Police said the calls from 350 people saying they had suffered abuse came in just six days, from 24 to 30 November, and related to all aspects of football, from grassroots up to professional.

The number continues to grow, police said, and victims may have to wait because of the “significant” volume of reported child sex abuse crimes in football that have been reported since the Guardian’s revelations.

In a statement the national police chiefs’ council lead for child protection, chief constable Simon Bailey, said:

“It is important to note that this is an indicative figure only, and that information is still being collated, numbers will, therefore, continue to change.”

Police and experts believe the sexual abuse of children is massively underreported in Britain.

The former Newcastle United striker David Eatock became the latest footballer to tell police he was sexually abused in the sport. He told the Guardian that he was sexually abused during his time at the club by George Ormond, a former club youth coach.

Police say 350 people have come forward to report child sex abuse in football (The Guardian)

Football child sex abuse: Ex-Newcastle player David Eatock latest to speak out (BBC)

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ap-thailand-unusual-football-field-02 worlds-first-non-rectangular-football-field-designboom-f2 worlds-first-non-rectangular-football-field-designboom-r2 worlds-first-non-rectangular-football-field-designboom-r3 worlds-first-non-rectangular-football-field-designboom-r4worlds-first-non-rectangular-football-field-designboom-r7 worlds-first-non-rectangular-football-field-designboom-r8 worlds-first-non-rectangular-football-field-designboom-f1

Asymmetric, miniaturised football pitches in the densely populated Khlong Toei district of Bangkok – part of a community scheme to create recreation space from awkwardly-shaped, otherwise unusable plots by AP Thailand and CJ Worx.