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On Thursday’s edition of The O’Reilly Factor, the Fox News host argued that Sanders wanted to “dismantle” Medicare and the Affordable Care Act “in the sense that it would be Berniecare and it would be much more than it is now.”
“And you know, look, I’m fleeing,” he warned. “If Bernie Sanders gets elected president, I’m fleeing. I’m going to Ireland. And they already know it.


Any excuse

Bill O’Reilly promises to ‘flee’ to Ireland if Bernie Sanders becomes presiden (RawStory)


“My neighbour lives away from the farm, so I usually check the sheep for him When I was there on Saturday, I caught the flash of an eye with my lamp and saw a fox carrying the dead lamb. I took careful aim and took the fox with a shot to the neck.

“…Some people think foxes aren’t doing any harm but this is proof

Tom Finn, from Clonroe Upper, [Co Wexford]

Fox Caught In The Act (The Dealer, Irish Farmer’s Journal)

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