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Back in 2009, and covered by Hack A Day at the time, Austrian composer Peter Ablinger deconstructed a recording of a child’s voice into its singular frequencies and programmed a solenoid-driven piano to play each one in turn.

The result was somewhat unnerving.


If you’re anyway prone to OCD, this will first horrify and then delight you.

Give it about two minutes.

A Youtube comment explains the phenomenon thus:

Each metronome is contributing horizontal force each time it swings, from the momentum of its weight. If two metronomes move opposite directions they will cancel each-other’s force. But if they are not perfectly synchronized, their respective directional force will be translated to the board they are standing on. If several are moving CLOSE to the same direction at the same time, they will influence the board’s motion more. Soon they are influencing other metronomes to move in the same direction.


Musician Kenichi Kanazawa turns a table covered with coloured sand into an interactive work of art by tuning into the table’s resonant frequency.

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