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Furniture that ‘looks and feels like human skin’ by UK artist Gigi Barker.

The ‘skin stool’ and ‘skin chair’ (made of soft, fleshy silicone impregnated with human pheromones, perfume or aftershave with optional removable mottled leather covers) sell for £440 and £1500 respectively.


skin-sculptures-by-jessica-harrison-designboom-03 skin-sculptures-by-jessica-harrison-designboom-15skin-sculptures-by-jessica-harrison-designboom-12 skin-sculptures-by-jessica-harrison-designboom-13skin-sculptures-by-jessica-harrison-designboom-09 skin-sculptures-by-jessica-harrison-designboom-11UK based artist Jessica Harrison’s ‘handheld’ series of miniature furniture, covered in material made from casts of her own skin and accessorised with tufts of hair.

…seeking to consider the relationship between interior and exterior spaces of the body. harrison re-imagines corporal components through a sculptural practice, offering an alternative way of thinking about our physical form.