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Modular cardboard ‘condos’ for cats featuring four eco-friendly, interchangeable, interlockable, stackable mix ‘n’match pieces by Taiwan based design company A Cat Thing.



A brilliantly tedious promo by conceptual artists Lernert & Sander for The Boring Collection – a range of office furniture by Dutch design brand Lensvelt.

Full screen for the detail.


stephane-malka-architecture-arena-r-ena-public-forum-las-vegas-designboom-02-818x545 stephane-malka-architecture-arena-r-ena-public-forum-las-vegas-designboom-03 stephane-malka-architecture-arena-r-ena-public-forum-las-vegas-designboom-01stephane-malka-architecture-arena-r-ena-public-forum-las-vegas-designboom-05stephane-malka-architecture-arena-r-ena-public-forum-las-vegas-designboom-10stephane-malka-architecture-arena-r-ena-public-forum-las-vegas-designboom-08stephane-malka-architecture-arena-r-ena-public-forum-las-vegas-designboom-06

Green painted pallets used by Malka Architects to construct cheap, useable social space in downtown Las Vegas as part of the recent Life Is Beautiful music and art festival.

Embedded circles, useable voids, adaptable seating and not a triumphalist or tyke in sight.


084f9fca03cabd4c9f1ddb375b9c92fd concrete both concrete pink stool three quarter chair
Furniture that ‘looks and feels like human skin’ by UK artist Gigi Barker.

The ‘skin stool’ and ‘skin chair’ (made of soft, fleshy silicone impregnated with human pheromones, perfume or aftershave with optional removable mottled leather covers) sell for £440 and £1500 respectively.


table-1 table-3 table-4 table-5 table-7 table-8 table-9
Furniture maker Greg Klassen takes wood from dead trees or discarded edge pieces from construction sites, aligns the jagged edges and joins them with hand-cut pieces of glass to create the impression of miniature river and lake topographies.



1230039_439266396190924_1815640705_n 1467392_485156121601951_75487409_ncatwalkcatwalk2 catwalk4 catwalk3
German company Goldtatze (Goldpaw) makes a range of elaborate cat walkways, platforms, scratching posts and other feline furniture from natural materials.

More aerial cat playgrounds here.


skin-sculptures-by-jessica-harrison-designboom-03 skin-sculptures-by-jessica-harrison-designboom-15skin-sculptures-by-jessica-harrison-designboom-12 skin-sculptures-by-jessica-harrison-designboom-13skin-sculptures-by-jessica-harrison-designboom-09 skin-sculptures-by-jessica-harrison-designboom-11UK based artist Jessica Harrison’s ‘handheld’ series of miniature furniture, covered in material made from casts of her own skin and accessorised with tufts of hair.

…seeking to consider the relationship between interior and exterior spaces of the body. harrison re-imagines corporal components through a sculptural practice, offering an alternative way of thinking about our physical form.