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Joe Brolly and Paeder Heffron

On Sunday, Joe Brolly in the Sunday Independent reported that a former PSNI  Police Service of Northern Ireland] constable was ‘ostracised’ by his GAA club after joining the force.

Paeder Heffron was left in a wheelchair following a dissident republican car bomb in 2010.

Mr Heffron said he was frozen out of games by Kickhams Creggan in County Antrim and ignored by teammates, with republicans ” approaching him in a changing room and handing him a leaflet warning of the dangers of joining the PSNI”.

Shayna O Neill writes:

The PSNI have opened recruiting as of October 23  this year. The aim of the PSNI is to have a balanced force of 50/50 Catholics/Protestants, under The Patton Report – currently it’s @15-25% Catholic,depending on which figures you are given, or believe.

Growing up, we had the RUC, who seemed to have a licence to unleash some form of justice against Catholics. I’m living back in the North of Ireland for a few years now, I have to say the PSNI seem okay.

The GAA have let one of their own down. I feel ashamed that I associate and am a member of the GAA.

Joe Brolly: Spurned, bombed and maimed by his own kind (Independent.ie)

Pic: Presseye/Stephen Hamilton


Liggy writes:

Nice to know that some of the GAA followers are born-again Neanderthals.

We don’t have enough sexism in this country at a national, institutional and business level so it is nice to see individual knuckle-draggers like this one make a solid contribution to the cause too.

Pity he picked on a woman with 1000s of followers on her GAA Instagram page who promptly shared the exchange.

….but but but it’s ok. In an exciting further exchange of messages, he was able to explain what happened and was sure the law was on his side.

The gobshite….

No need for the language.


Cathríona Heffernan (Facebook)



Thanks Rob G

Above, from left: David Treacy, John Small, Eamonn Dillon and Ciarán Kilkenny


Danish menswear brand  Jack & Jones launch their Every Day Hero range, featuring four Dublin GAA Ambassadors; Footballers Ciarán Kilkenny and John Small, and Hurlers David Treacy and Eamonn Dillon.

David Treacy wears a Denim Alvin jacket €79.99, Kevin Mao shirt €39.99, Trevor crew knit €39.99, navy chino €34.99, John Small wears a Gotham wool coat €169.99, Luke rollneck knit €39.99, Liam skinny jeans €49.99, Eamonn Dillon wears Fly hood €39.99, Fly sweatpants €34.99 and Ciarán Kilkenny wears a  Black Alvin jacket €79.99, Well shirt €34.99, Will sweatpants €49.99.

Snappy, in fairness.

Sasko Lazarov/Rollingnews


JenX writes:

Anyone seen the new Lidl ad (above)? Another cringey outing for the ‘proudly supporting LADIES’ Gaelic Football’ motto. Last time the ‘ladies’ were impressive-looking club players.This time (above) it’s schoolgirls and teens.

‘LADIES Gaelic Football’?  Is there a “GENTLEMEN’S Gaelic Football’ or a ‘LORDS’ Gaelic Football’? It’s ‘WOMEN’S Gaelic Football‘  




Cork GAA confederate Frilly Keane writes:

As a supplement to Mick Flavin’s cartoon on Saturday…Since it’s as scorcher I thought tog out in sum’ting nice. Rebels, thy Kingdom comes #MunsterHurlingFinal #CorcaighAbú