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The Oscar Wilde Temple by artists McDermott & McGough.

Studio Voltaire, 1a Nelsons Row, London SW4.

A church dedicated to the Irish poet and playwright is now open and free to the public for six months, until March 31, 2019 – “to all faiths and non–believers alike”.

They say:

Individuals and families will be welcomed into The Oscar Wilde Temple for private reflection as well as to celebrate LGBTQ+ marriages, naming ceremonies, vow renewals, memorials and markings of other important occasions….

In fairness.

The Oscar Wilde Temple

Thanks Ultan Mashup

An 8,300 square meter kaleidoscopic painting by German artist Katharina Grosse draped within (and taking up most of the interior space of) the Carriageworks contemporary art centre in Sydney, gnomically entitled The Horse Trotted Another Couple Of Meters, Then It Stopped.

Now for yeh.


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Dismaland – Banksy’s new theme park project – live events, gallery space and morosely uplifting amusement for all the family – open for the next five weeks at the Tropicana – a former leisure centre (closed since 2000) on the Weston-super-Mare seafront.

Banksy’s Dismaland show revealed at Weston’s Tropicana (BBC News)

chateau-de-rentilly-mirror-bona-lemercier-xavier-veilhan-france-designboom-02 chateau-de-rentilly-mirror-bona-lemercier-xavier-veilhan-france-designboom-01 chateau-de-rentilly-mirror-bona-lemercier-xavier-veilhan-france-designboom-04 chateau-de-rentilly-mirror-bona-lemercier-xavier-veilhan-france-designboom-03chateau-de-rentilly-mirror-bona-lemercier-xavier-veilhan-france-designboom-08chateau-de-rentilly-mirror-bona-lemercier-xavier-veilhan-france-designboom-05
Le Château de Rentilly – a 1960s country house 30 km east of Paris reclad with polished mirrored surfaces. Inside, most of the internal volume has been cleared to house a regional showcase of contemporary artwork.



The_Gif_Connoisseur_02 tumblr_n9g0znUG751rwk5rgo1_400The_Gif_Connoisseur_05 tumblr_n9g2hbZMmv1rwk5rgo1_400The_Gif_Connoisseur_06
The Gif Connoisseur is a Tumblr wherein a man in a blue-grey suit (from Norman Rockwell’s The Connoisseur, 1961) peruses a series of psychedelic graphic interchange formats.


(H/T: Mauriac)

rainboweucalyptusdark hedgesdragonbloodjapanese maplewisteria
Above: A Rainbow Eucalyptus in Kaui, Hawaii, the Dark Hedges, Ballymoney, Northern Ireland; Dragon Blood trees in Yemen; a Japanese Maple in Portland Oregon and a 144 year-old Wisteria in Japan

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