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Phantom Dog Beneath the Moonrural psychedelia/shoegaze

What you may need to know…

01. Aaron Hurley and Scott McLaughlin make up the duo of Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon, proponents of “folk-gaze”.

02. Releasing their first new material in almost seven years, the pair have broken a silence that’s been since 2010’s full-length The Trees, the Sea in a Lunar Stream.

03. Streaming above is the newly-released video for the title track from third album The Statue of the Hunter is Lost at Sea.

04. Catch them at the Roisín Dubh in Galway on March 22nd, as part of a double-header with labelmate A Lilac Decline, for a joint record launch.

Thoughts: Minimal, yet dense in terms of themes and atmosphere, with newfound strokes of ambience and psychedelia leading it all forward.

Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon


Lerloonsfuzzy bits & bytes

What you may need to know…

01. Lerloons is a 23-year-old producer based between Galway and Dublin, specialising in lo-fi and ambient, flitting between samplers, synths, and old tape recorders.

02. Debut long-player GOODNIGHT was released in 2015, followed by last year’s full-length 24. Both are available for streaming and download via Bandcamp.

03. Streaming above is newest composition _m4ster-s1ave.ase, released yesterday via their Soundcloud.

04. They’ve also been busy working on soundtracks, yesterday releasing work done for brands at the Milano Fashion Film Festival.

Thoughts: In all of the comfort and familiarity of shards of chiptunes and ambience lies the uncertainty and discord of them falling apart, a line which Lerloons treads lightly.



Brigid Mae Powerethereal Irish folk dreaminess

What you may need to know…

01. Over gentle waves of textures and reverberations comes the voice of singer/composer and visual artist Brigid Mae Power.

02. Having existed on the fringes of Irish folk for a number of years, she cut her teeth on her first full-length, I Told You The Truth, recorded in St. Nicholas’ Church in Galway. Leaving Ireland and heading to Oregon to record with American folk musician Peter Broderick in his studio proved to be a turning point.

03. Streaming above is the video for single I Left Myself For a While, from her self-titled “proper” debut record, available via Tompkins’ Square Records. Early solo work also available on her Bandcamp.

04. Headlining Quarter Block Party festival, on the weekend February 3rd-5th in Cork City Centre. More info here.

Thoughts: Some lovely moments amid the melancholy, resonating with subtle drone, and the atmosphere of the studio.

Brigid Mae Power


Run the Jukescollaborative beats via The Unscene

What you may need to know…

01. Galway beatmaker and high-ranking Street Fighter competitor Jimmy Penguin teams up with Mikey B-Side, a.k.a Michael Fallon of Cork’s Cuttin’ Heads Collective. By their powers combined, they are Run the Jukes.

02. The Kralbum is the result of their collaborative labours, dropped by surprise last night via Limerick weirdo music propagation magnates The Unscene.

03. The twelve-minute, one-track mix can be streamed above, and downloaded for free from the project’s Bandcamp.

04. Other than telling us that apparently “Jukes reign supreme over nearly everyone“, there is literally zero other information on this particular project. This was an intentional move, according to the Unscene’s crack PR team.

Verdict: More handy, weirdy, noisy beats from the sweet spot of Irish hip-hop.

Run the Jukes


Galway’s about to get a fully kitted-out indoor youth centre, organised and run by the father-and-son team behind the local DC Store.

Writes This is Galway:

The massive two-story space in Fairgreen House has sat vacant for years, but it’s getting a complete revamp thanks to the vision and hard work of John Deely from DC Store Galway. The VAULT will be open to everyone of all ages — it will feature a skatepark, climbing wall, urban library, cafe, as well as adaptable workspaces to hold workshops for design, yoga, cookery, art and more.

Fair play, in fairness.

Interview with space co-founder John Deely at the link below.

This is Galway