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Radio Direland writes:

This is an important public service announcement about the consequences of a Brexit for Ireland and its Game Of Thrones fans. We can only hope that the people of Ireland vote for the correct outcome in the referendum this Thursday. *WARNING: Contains some GOT spoilers, although you probably know them by now anyway as they’re a few seasons old (mostly)*


Want to own Brian O’Driscoll’s soiled cast-off boots?

Solas Project are holding a prize draw to raffle off the very boots B.O.D wore in Ireland’s Rugby World Cup 2011 victory over Australia in an effort to raise €10k to fund its mentoring and social development activities.

Clodagh writes:

The competition runs from today until Thursday 22nd October. Entries can be made by texting “Boots” to 50300 and all texts will cost €6

Name that voiceover artist.


Solas Project

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Ah here.

Angie from Target McConnells ad agency, writes:

Here at TMcC we’re obsessed with Game of Thrones. Given the day that’s in it, we did a bit of research and couldn’t help but notice some uncanny similarities between the GoT characters and some of Dublin’s most loved statues. What do you reckon? [More at link below]


Name those statues and characters anyone?

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