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Even more freedom.

Brian writes:

My buddy was involved in writing “After Braveheart”. The story of De Bruce invading Ireland to fight the British occupiers*. Apparently it was George RR Martin’s inspiration for Game of Thrones. Part 1 is on RTÉ1, 15th (tomorrow) of January at 10.15pm and part two the following week. There’s eye gouging in the trailer. Jussayin.

After Braveheart




A plucky Irish hipster George Formby with Deliverance-standard chops and geek sensibilities.

Ollie sez:

“I’m Banjo Guy Ollie an Irish youtuber and I do covers of Video Game Music and TV series on the banjo. I’ve a few done, 19 covers at this time, but my Zelda Darkworld and Game of Thrones (above) are the most popular…”

Highly recommended: Megaman X AND Castlevania.

Banjo Guy Ollie (Facebook)


Tara Whelan writes:

“My Bray [Co Wicklow]-reared sister, currently living in Toronto, is showing and selling her work at Fan Expo (Toronto) this year. There’s a selection of Game of Thrones-inspired sculpture and artwork on offer, including a series of six “What if” Stark children and direwolf prints. Also available from her Etsy site [link below]. A plug would be great-  trying to keep her at her art…”

Saraphis Creations

Irish-made stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish-Made Stuff’. No fee.


Oh my.

All The Game of Thrones characters from Galway-based designers Lemonade: available for €20 at Jam Art Factory.


Pa Jama writes:

“After Monday night’s shocking Game of Thrones finale, we’ve compiled a supercut of what we feel are the 100 best lines from the 4 seasons so far. It wasn’t easy picking just 100! We hope you enjoy it!”