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Ah here.

Angie from Target McConnells ad agency, writes:

Here at TMcC we’re obsessed with Game of Thrones. Given the day that’s in it, we did a bit of research and couldn’t help but notice some uncanny similarities between the GoT characters and some of Dublin’s most loved statues. What do you reckon? [More at link below]


Name those statues and characters anyone?

Target McConnell (Facebook)


Oh it’s ON.

Cian O’Mahoney writes:

We are hosting a Game of Thrones Table Quiz next Tuesday evening in D|Two nightclub, Harcourt Street, Dublin. If you reckon you’re an expert on the Lannisters or Starks, know all there is to know about the Khaleesi and her dragons, or consider yourself a bit of an authority on the Night’s Watch, then this is your chance [link below] to show off your knowledge.

Questions will be on all the great houses of Westeros, plus all the locations and characters from the show.. This is being held to raise money for [non-profit caring for young online resource] SpunOut.ie and promises to be a great night….

Game of Thrones Table Quiz (spunOut)


Even more freedom.

Brian writes:

My buddy was involved in writing “After Braveheart”. The story of De Bruce invading Ireland to fight the British occupiers*. Apparently it was George RR Martin’s inspiration for Game of Thrones. Part 1 is on RTÉ1, 15th (tomorrow) of January at 10.15pm and part two the following week. There’s eye gouging in the trailer. Jussayin.

After Braveheart




A plucky Irish hipster George Formby with Deliverance-standard chops and geek sensibilities.

Ollie sez:

“I’m Banjo Guy Ollie an Irish youtuber and I do covers of Video Game Music and TV series on the banjo. I’ve a few done, 19 covers at this time, but my Zelda Darkworld and Game of Thrones (above) are the most popular…”

Highly recommended: Megaman X AND Castlevania.

Banjo Guy Ollie (Facebook)


Tara Whelan writes:

“My Bray [Co Wicklow]-reared sister, currently living in Toronto, is showing and selling her work at Fan Expo (Toronto) this year. There’s a selection of Game of Thrones-inspired sculpture and artwork on offer, including a series of six “What if” Stark children and direwolf prints. Also available from her Etsy site [link below]. A plug would be great-  trying to keep her at her art…”

Saraphis Creations

Irish-made stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish-Made Stuff’. No fee.


Oh my.

All The Game of Thrones characters from Galway-based designers Lemonade: available for €20 at Jam Art Factory.


Pa Jama writes:

“After Monday night’s shocking Game of Thrones finale, we’ve compiled a supercut of what we feel are the 100 best lines from the 4 seasons so far. It wasn’t easy picking just 100! We hope you enjoy it!”

Too late, you looked. Artist nedesem‘s vision of George R.R. Martin as a violent sociopath who only calms himself by slaughtering the characters in his books.

Seems about right.

Care to go full Hodor?


(H/T: Jonny Wilson)