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Pope Francis (right) with Cardinal George Pell in 2015

Australian Cardinal George Pell has been convicted of sexual misconduct, becoming the highest-ranking Vatican official to be found guilty of such a crime.

After four days of deliberations, a jury on Tuesday rendered unanimous guilty verdicts on five charges related to the abuse of two choirboys in 1996.

Pell’s trial and all details involving the accusations were covered by a court-issued gag order, which forbade all media in Australia from reporting on it.

Pell’s position as the financial controller of the Vatican makes him the third most powerful person in the Vatican.

Pope Francis has removed Pell from his Council of Cardinals, however…

…the removal of Pell, 77, from the council does not necessarily affect his treasury position, which he technically still holds, and a Vatican spokesman would not comment further.

Catholic Church’s third most senior cleric Cardinal George Pell – known as the ‘Vatican’s treasurer’ – is found GUILTY of sexually abusing two choir boys inside a cathedral (MailOnline)

George Pell: Pope Francis removes Australian cardinal from inner circle (The Guardian)

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Cardinal George Pell will be the most senior Vatican figure ever to face a criminal trial

Cardinal George Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic and the controller of the Vatican’s finances in Rome, has pleaded not guilty after he was ordered to stand trial over historical sexual offence allegations.

Pell has always denied the allegations against him, but it was the first time he had been required to enter a formal plea.

The decision came after a dramatic four-week committal hearing in March in which the Cardinal’s lead barrister, Robert Richter, said the accusers were lying and had a vendetta against Cardinal Pell.

Who is Cardinal George Pell and what is he accused of? (Guardian)

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