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A number of Ryanair pilots in Germany will hold a strike on Friday, as similar protests take place in Ireland, Belgium, and Sweden.

German Ryanair pilots to join strike on August 10th (Newstalk)

Pic: Ryanair


German papers slam national team ‘wimps’ after World Cup loss to Mexico (ESPN)


This morning.

Iveagh House, Dublin 2

Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade Simon Coveney with his German counterpart Heiko Maas, who is on a one day visit to Dublin.

Mr Coveney and Mr Mass unveiled proposals for closer Irish-German ties, including “a new consulate in Frankfurt, a joint Irish-German economic council, closer political and ministerial exchanges and a greater arts push co-ordinated by a new cultural director in Berlin”.


Sam Boal/Rollingnews

As our own Winter Wonderland turns to slush, the frozen mountain forests of Germany and central Europe remain crisp and pristine in an evocative photoseries by Killian Schönberger.


AfD supporters celebrate as exit polls are announced

Projected results put the AfD on 13%, behind Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat-led alliance on 32.9% and the Social Democratic party on 20.8%. The rightwing populist party’s delegates are expected to take more than 80 out of 631 seats in the next parliament.

While the result may not be on the scale of 52% of Britons voting to leave the European Union or 46% of US voters casting their ballot for Donald Trump, it nonetheless represents a landmark in postwar German history.

Germany’s rightwing populists will arrive in the Bundestag with the best result for any new party since 1949, a higher share of the vote than either the Greens or the leftwing Die Linke have achieved in several decades.

In the states that used to form East Germany, AfD looks likely to become the second-largest party.

AfD may not be the first far-right party to enter the Bundestag since the second world war: until 1960 a number of small nationalist groups took part in the coalition government under West Germany’s first post-war chancellor, Konrad Adenauer.

But it will be the first party with an overtly nationalist rhetoric and agenda to claim seats in Berlin’s Reichstag, a building that still echoes with the horrors of the Nazi era.

AfD leaders vow to ‘hound Angela Merkel’ after strong showing at polls (Guardian)

Here is the problem: A far-right party has achieved substantial support even in Germany, a country with a history that serves as a warning of what the far right can do in power, and a political establishment that has long paid attention to confronting the right.

Germany furthermore lacks many of the characteristics commonly associated with far-right populism — the economy is in good shape, the unemployment rate is low, and Germany’s power and prestige are at a historic high. All this says that citizens are more disaffected and populism has greater appeal than many analysts have recognized.

Behind the ‘boring’ German election are four deeply disturbing trends (Washington Post)


Cathal Furey of Fan Footage writes:

We want to document last night’s amazing win over Germany through the eyes of the fans and would appreciate the help of the good folk who read Broadsheet. Best fan video uploaded by midnight this Saturday will win €500 cash, a nice sweetener. Any fan video to do with the match is eligible by the way. Could be one filmed at home, in a pub or at work anywhere around the world, not just the Aviva.

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Shane Long the hero as Ireland beat world champions Germany (RTE Sport)

(Pix: Simon O’Doherty, RTE Sport)



RTÉ reports:

Shane Long sprung from the bench to crash home the winning goal as Ireland shocked the world champions with a 1-0 win in tonight’s EURO 2016 qualifier over Germany at Aviva Stadium.

The Ireland striker raced through onto a long ball before unleashing an unstoppable strike past Manuel Neuer in the Germany goal.


Thanks Dee O’Sullivan

Shane Long the hero as Ireland beat world champions Germany (RTE)

Watch: Shane Long Backed Up His Goal With The Greatest Post-Match Interview Of All Time (Balls.ie)

Pic: Sportsfile 


This afternoon.

German football supporters in Temple Bar, Dublin ahead of tonight’s match against Ireland.

Enda Kenny thinks they’re at work.