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Glowpunk’s Frank Cronin, of he-who-lived-in-a-tent-in-Galway-for-his-last-year-of-college fame is looking for short videos of appalling student accommodation for a competition entitled Sh*t Cribs, run by the 48 mobile network.

The winner will get €5,000 worth of stuff to “revamp your crib”, including a flat screen TV, Xbox and LG Blu Ray home cinema.

More details here

Why do you like Gaelic tag?

“The lads pass.”

Glowpunk’s Frank Cronin discovers the feel-good-but-no-tackle sport that’s sweeping parts of the country.



The one they call Ireland’s Toughest 10km

Hell & Back 2012 on the Kilruddery Estate, Co Wicklow.

Frank Cronin, of Glowpunk writes:

1500 people did this on Sunday.

Fifteen hundred.

The next Hell & Back is in January

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Across Ireland?

In a kayak?

We were going to post some cat videos and smoke a little doobie.

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Glowpunk go west..

Lifting the gloom. One cold dip at a time.

Frank Cronin writes:

Our latest video about a some fun events that took place in Galway. Not sure if you would use this? But here it is anyway. No doubt the trolls will love it :)


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Frank Cronin of Glowpunk writes:

Over 1000 people completed this race yesterday [at Kilruddery House, Bray, Co Wicklow] perhaps it is of use to you guys. Peace.


Have you come here to play Jesus with the lepers in your head…or just a bit of wave-riding?

Glowpunk hit Killiney beach.

And some pics from Neil Michael (More here):