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Tomboktu Cedarlounge writes:

Have you noticed how Google Maps is assigning district names to Dublin’s streets? For example, it’s decided that Stirrup Lane is in “Inns Quay” (a designation taken up by a, ahem, most respectable website recently and that Green Street is in “Rotunda”. Inns Quay is nearly half a km from Stirrup Lane and  the Rotunda is also 0.5 km away (as the crow flies) from the street designated as being in that “district”. Yeah, those districts are used for election nerds mapping voters but they’re not district names anybody else uses.


Free and optimised for the iPhone 5, Google Maps returns to iOS:

The relaunched service provides more standard features such as search, voice guided directions, live traffic, and public transportation directions, as well as an enhanced Street View feature that gives the user access to the inside of more than 100,000 businesses and 360-degree panoramas from around the globe.