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In fairness.



This afternoon.

Graham and Helen Linehan on the Ray’ D’Arcy show on Radio One making a plea based on their own experience [see link below] for a repeal of the Eight Amendment.

How heartbreak led Helen and Graham Linehan to campaign for abortion in Ireland (RTÉ)



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Dear Mr Rae


Karen Fitzpatrick, of RTÉ, writes:

The Walshes are a warm, tight-knit family from the West Dublin suburb of Strollinstown. Tony (Niall Gaffney) and Carmel (Philippa Dunne) are parents to Ciara (Amy Stephenson) and Rory (Rory Connolly), who are both still at home because the state of the Irish economy has forced them all back together.

Even Ciara’s new boyfriend Graham (Shane Langan) is forced to move in and family friend Martin (Owen Roe) always seems to be hanging around mending bits and pieces, as well as accidentally becoming trapped in the wall cavity.

Diet of Worms?

the-it-crowd-s2e1-20081218145055-2_625x352The final IT Crowd episode will air at the end of the month according to Graham Linehan.

It’ll be a 40 minute edition and then they won’t try turning it off and on again.

September 24th, apparently.

‘The IT Crowd’ finale special to air later this month on Channel 4 (Digital Spy)

A Special News Report.

We regret to inform you that the hostilities which recently broke out between Graham Linehan and The MODinator have now escalated.

We’re at DEFCON 3 here, people.

[UPDATE: First TedGate, now this fresh madness.]