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Or whatever you’re having yourself.

Designer Fergus O’Neill, of Grand Grand Grand Grand, writes:

“The WANKER mug is printed NORTHSIDE WANKER one side and SOUTHSIDE WANKER the other.

“Depending in which hand you hold your beverage you can either proclaim your wankerness or preside in judgement over someone in your company from the wrong side of the compass. An inlaw or your spouse or fellow co-worker, etc.”

The mug is €10 and available here

Fergus adds:

“The other mug ‘LETS KEEP THE RECOVERY GOING’ pays homage to the great diktat of our time. It gives you a big thumbs-up and a ‘bualadh bos’ on the other side so you know how great you’re doing.

“This is a mug for people that get up early in the morning even though they all partied and who don’t get anything for nothing.”

The mug is also €10 and available here


Fergus kindly adds:

I have 4 Wanker mugs and 4 Recovery mugs to give away.

To win a Wanker mug, just tell me who you think the biggest wanker in Ireland is.

To win a Recovery mug, tell me your fondest political slogan.

Answers below.

Grand Grand

Irish-made stocking fillers to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish-made stocking fillers’. No fee.


Fergus O’Neill of Grand Grand Grand Grand writes:

“Ma, mummy, mammy, mater, what do you call yours? I’ve taken the stress out of Mother’s Day with this handy card for working-class heroes likes meself and posh bastards like them next door. Just circle whatever you call yours.”

The cards cost €3.50 and can be bought here

Grand Grand Grand Grand

Irish-made stuff marked Irish-made stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie. No fee, cards, etc.