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‘La mécanique de l’Histoire’: an acrobatic and strangely mesmerising ‘meditation on gravity’ by the Foucault Pendulum at the Panthéon in Paris earlier this month, devised by multi disciplinary movement artist Yoann Bourgeois 


Shake_2_Jaz Shake_12_Lil-Bub Shake_9_Binx Shake_3_Lorax

Some of the 61 rescue cats caught derping it up (after a vet-administered dose of ear medicine) by photographer Carli Davidson (she of 2013’s Shake Dogs and last year’s Shake Puppies)

Also available as a book.


PaperBridge-032 IMG_0640 IMG_0658 PaperBridge-001 PaperBridge-003 PaperBridge-006

Paperbridge by environmental artist Steve Messam: a free standing arch (no glue or fixings, just gravity and friction) spanning a stream at Grisedale Valley in Cumbria.

Constructed from 22,000 sheets of bright red paper, the ‘bridge’ weighs over 4.2 tonnes. Messam sez of it:

Paper is a simple material made from wood pulp and water. The intensity of colour used in the bridge contrasts with the verdant landscape making a bold statement of form and design. Alongside this the materials used have a resonance with the natural environment and the construction of the bridge also reflects local architectural forms, specifically pack horse bridges found throughout the area. All of the paper used in PaperBridge will be recovered and returned to the Burneside Mill for recycling into new paper once the project ends. This transparent cycle is part of the overall environmental narrative of the piece.


antigrav antigrav2

Experimental filmmakers Claire and Max of Menilmonde sez:

Antigravity and inverted world are Sci-Fi.   But. Just imagine…Underlapse is a visual experience and shows how our brains can belost without its spatial cues. Some footage can cause slight dizziness on some people.



Jessica Elvidge of Earth Unplugged writes:

I noticed you posted Steve Mould’s self siphoning beads yesterday, and wondered if you might like to take a look at this update film we’ve filmed with Steve earlier this week. We at Earth Unplugged got in touch with Steve after his original self siphoning beads film posed a few questions about what exactly happens to make the chain seemingly defy gravity to exit the beaker. So we filmed it with our slow motion camera (a Photron BC2) and asked Steve if he could work out what exactly was happening to produce this behaviour.


Steve Mould demonstrates the very odd physics of the bead chain used in vertical blinds. He explainz:

The reason it self siphons is that the chain pulling down outside the beaker is longer (and heavier) than the chain pulling down on the inside of the beaker.The reason the chain loops up higher than the rim of the beaker is a bit of a mystery. I think it’s to do with the fact that the beads are changing direction and it can’t do that instantaneously as that would represent infinite acceleration. So a big loop is formed. I don’t know, something like that.