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ERTPRO Broadcasters take their seats in the studio for last main news program on ERT in Athens, Greece last night before the state broadcaster was shut down at midnight (10pm, Irish time), bringing demonstrators to the street.

Earlier: Greece Shuts Down Its RTE

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Greece Shutting Down State Broadcaster to Cut Costs, New York Times

28aa29103a1526a3792ceafe9db576ef_LAn ERT newsreader this evening.

Outlook: not scorchio.

The government in Greece announced it is shutting down the country’s national broadcaster ERT. Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou announced the corporation’s television and radio stations will go off-air at midnight tonight. He said the corporation  is a “characteristic case of lack of transparency and waste”, that it has not been audited for eight years and that it costs Greek licence payers 300 million euros a year through their electricity bill. Kedikoglou said ERT had 3-7 times higher costs than private channels and low ratings. The sposkesman added that a new, leaner organisation will be created but did not specify when this would happen.

Greece shuts down national broadcaster (NewEurope)

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A trailer of a documentary-in-the-making on how the financial crisis in Greece is affecting people’s relationships.

Theopi Skarlatos writes:

“The Greek crisis is in its fifth year: the economy is collapsing, and society is under severe strain. This documentary aims to tell the untold story of the impact of crisis on people’s relationships: on love, sex, divorce, marriage, dating, domestic violence and sex work.”


Love In The Time Of Crisis




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Should you be giving the pro-life vigil a miss.

The Dublin offering on Saturday to an international day of solidarity with Greek anti-fascists to highlight the rise of the genuinely scary Golden Dawn party.

Chilling, short video on them here.

They make Aine look like Gandhi.

Demonstration At Greek Embassy (Indymedia)

List of worldwide events here

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Greek police fired teargas and water cannons to disperse thousands of protesters who flooded into the main square before parliament on Wednesday in a massive show of anger against lawmakers due to narrowly pass an austerity package.

…In all, nearly 100,000 protesters – some chanting “Fight! They’re drinking our blood” – packed the square and side streets in one of the largest rallies seen in months, police said.

Violence Erupts At Greek Protest, Parliament interrupted (Reuters)

Livestream here

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