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Jason Harte?

The good-hearted hairy who went to scratchy lengths in November to raise awareness for prostate cancer prevention?

And earned himself a place in the Hailo/Moustache Challenge hallowed Hall of Fame?

Wears grey trackie bottoms around the house?

Yes, him.


At a beauty salon somewhere in Dublin over the weekend:

NgggfuAhhhhh. Yikes. Ew.

Thanks Jason.

A) ‘Tony’.

Nominated by: Trish O’Keefe.

The judges say: “No-nonsense, tense-bristled yet warm. A ‘fixie’ for the face.”

“A mo you could take home to mother.”

“The suitcase must go.”

B) Robbie Lambe

Nominated by: himself

The judges say: “Old-school mo porn with a damn hipster twist.”

“If moustaches could wink.”

“A lethal blend of supreme confidence and 1970s photo-booth curtains.”

C) Daniel Doran.

Nominated by: himself:

The Judges say: “We’re getting ginger Hitler. In a good way.”

“Love what he’s doing with the lower cheek.”

“Once: The Architect Years.”

D) Michael Monahan

Nominated by: himself

The judge say: “The pre-irony ‘patchy Zapata’. Timeless”

“A mouth framed by bristling quotation marks. Perfect for the satchel-eyed ‘mo’-ning after.

Thanks all.

You’ve seen the photos, you’ve read what the judges have had to say.

Now YOU decide.

One of these men will walk away with a night’s stay – TOMORROW NIGHT – at the Gibson Hotel, Dublin, a pair  – yes a PAIR – of tickets to the Movember Gala Parté – yes, Parté – in Dublin’s Village venue and free taxis throughout the evening  with Hailo Dublin Taxi App.

Pick a moustache (A-D) and a brief reason why below.

Lines close at 11am 1pm.



It’s been a long month

For everyone.

People growing moustaches, people who sport them all year round  (from Monuary to Mocember) and people who dislike the word ‘Movember’.

All month we’ve been running weekly competitions to win  €30 – yes €30 -  of taxi credits with Hailo – The Dublin Taxi App. You may recall reader Jason Harte taking the caper to a dangerous new level.

To conclude this happy arrangement we have a pair  – yes a PAIR – of tickets to the Movember Gala Parté – yes, Parté – in Dublin’s Village venue this Thursday night, as well as a night’s stay in the Gibson Hotel, with a taxi from the venue to the hotel covered by Hailo.

This prize includes breakfast.

Your Mo Growth – or that of a friend – marked ‘Hailo/Gibson Challenge’ to Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

Lines close tomorrow, 3pm

You will need to be in Dublin on Thursday – or have someone to go in your ‘stead’ should that not suit.

‘Ronnies’ will be judged, as always, on texture, volume and ‘dash’.


Donate: Movember.ie

No cash, favours, free cabs, rooms, were given for this post other than the prizes

“My first year’s attempt halfway through. Not bad for a 19-year-old.” (Sean Kent)

“I cheated by a few days so I don’t know if it counts but hey, it’s still money to a good cause” (Rob Thompson)

Can a month-long moustache-growing competition ever be said to be ‘hotting up’?

YOU decide.

Sean and Robert win €30 worth of credit with Hailo, the Dublin taxi app people, who will also donate €30 to the gents’ Mo’ funds.

Moustcahe Grazias Thanks all