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This afternoon.

Department of Finance.

Freshly shorn Minister for Finance and Public Expenditure & Reform Paschal Donohoe briefing the media on the Annual Taxation Report.

Name that ‘do’, anyone?



Also: *swoon*

Antoin Beag writes:

Is it just me or is this ad by Therapie just the absolute worst?

spacehair2 spacehair3 spacehair7 spacehair8 spacehair10 spacehair13 spacehair14

‘Galaxy Hair’ or, if you prefer, ‘Space Hair’ – where trendsetting young coiffsters recreate the cosmic ballet in hair colour – from the Aurora Borealis to deep space lightshows.

More at #galaxyhair and #spacehair.


donald-trump1donald-trump2 donald-trump15donald-trump8 donald-trump12 donald-trump16 donald-trump9


Step 1: Brush cat.

Step 2: Form brushed hair into toupee/combover.

Step 3: Place toupee/combover on cat.

MEANWHILE: Donald Trump campaign tweets photo with Nazi soldiers – then leads polls (Guardian)