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LEGO aficionado Alice Finch from Seattle spent a year making this 400,000 brick recreation of Hogwarts Castle, which won People’s Choice and Best In Show awards at the BrickCon LEGO convention last year.

Last week, it was reassembled at Emerald City Comic Con 2013 in Seattle. The completed sections – ferried to the convention centre in six SUVs – took three hours to set up.

MORE: Alice’s Flickr set (79 pix)


Tracy Ann Lister (a member of the ‘International Institute Of Reborn Art’) makes extremely (some might say ‘alarmingly’) realistic baby dolls. These (Dobby, Harry, Snape and Riddle) are from her Harry Potter range, which is currently open to offers on eBay (Harry’s starting bid was £400).

You’ll be seeing baby Voldmort again later when you go bye-byes.

Nighty night.

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